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Meet the Team

Kevin Heaney
Executive Director
Adina Wiseman
GHIN Services/Association Administration Coordinator
Bianca Avina
Coordinator, Rules & Competitions
Brenda Kemball
Manager, Club Services
Bryan Stauffer
Program Manager, SCGA Junior
Chris Knowles
Director of Technology
Craig Kessler
Director, Governmental Affairs
Desi Dominguez
Golf Instructor, SCGA Junior
Doug Sullivan
Director, Course Rating
Earl Gillings
Manager, Member Services
Eric Koscielak
Golf Instructor, SCGA Junior
Evan Belfi
Director, Membership Development
Fiorella Calambrogio
Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable Manager
Frank Moore
Director, Communications & Marketing
Geri Deck
Asst. Director, Member Services
Hailey Tucker
Communications Coordinator
Jane Chin
Manager, Rules & Competitions
Jason Knybel
Asst. Director, Marketing
Jeff Ninnemann
Director, Rules & Competitions
Jeff Skubick
Manager, Golf Services
Jennifer Seislove
Operations & Development Director, SCGA Junior
Jeremy Pitt
Director, Club Services
Jimmy Becker
Asst. Director, Rules & Competitions
John DeGomez
Program Mananger, SCGA Junior
Jonathan Coe
Asst. Director, Communications
Kaycee Wilke
Player & Youth Development Director, SCGA Junior
Kevin Fitzgerald
Manager, Governmental Affairs
Kevin Gigax
Executive Director, SCGA Junior
Kevin Greenup
Coordinator, Membership Development
Kevin O'Connor
Managing Director, Member Services
Luke Scoville
P.J. Boatwright Jr. Intern
Lydia Lee
Development Coordinator, SCGA Junior
Madison Lomas
Communications Coordinator
Matt Pawlak
Asst. Director, Rules & Competitions
Matt Shuman
Competitions Associate, Rules & Competitions
Robert Reid
Coordinator, Rules & Competitions
Sharon Don
Marketing Coordinator
Ted Michelson
Program Coordinator, SCGA Junior
Teresa Thornton
Golf Instructor, SCGA Junior
TJ Kliebphipat
Program Manager, SCGA Junior
Wil Mayo
Assistant Director, Rules & Competitions
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Karen Kibbee

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Pat Lynch
Administrative Asst., Course Rating