Meet Kevin Fitzgerald

Asst. Director, Public Affairs

Kevin works to expand the department’s full array of advocacy services to the Association’s member clubs, members and facilities along with various allied associations and partners. A 2011 graduate of UC Riverside with a degree in Political Science, Kevin racked up an impressive competitive record while playing golf for the men’s team. He’s also an SCGA veteran, posting a top-5 finish in the 2012 SCGA Amateur Championship.

Most recently, Kevin worked in the sales department for Cleveland/Srixon. In his new role he will focus on the SCGA’s work in water, environment, regulation, legislation and the issues specific to the game’s municipal sector. He will also begin to take much of the work already performed in these areas and organize it for long-term knowledge management.

What is your dream foursome?

"As they do not have foursomes in the final pairings in the final rounds of Major Championships, I suppose that I would have to be one of four players in an 18 hole playoff for the U.S. Open! As for the names - Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, and Rickie Fowler in a playoff would be quite the Monday finish!"

Why golf?

"I started going to the driving range with my Dad when I was 4 years old and since childhood, the game has been at the center of my life. I care deeply about the health and future success of our great game and I am extremely excited to work to ensure that golf has a stable and sustainable future in Southern California.

I am deeply motivated by the thought that there is a 4 year old that will visit a driving range for the first time today and I hope that our efforts will help to give the next generation of golfers every chance to play and enjoy the many opportunities that the game provides."

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