Meet Kaycee Wilke

Program Manager

Kaycee joined Youth on Course in 2013 as the organization's P.J. Boatwright Jr. intern, before transitioning into a full-time role in 2014. She is responsible for the Youth on Course donor database, as well as all charitable partnerships and grant writing. She supports all special events and serve as the primary liaison with the SCGA Communications and Marketing department. Kaycee also manages the annual fund strategy as well as supports the annual update of the Youth on Course Development Plan.

During her nine-month stint as intern, Kaycee helped to expand membership by 44 percent and added eight new facilities to the Golf Pass program. She received her bachelor’s degree in Communication from USC.

Dream Golf Foursome:

"My Great-Uncle Robert Wilke (actor and avid golfer), Michael Jordan (greatest athlete of all time), Chelsea Handler (not sure she golfs, but sure to be a good time) and myself!"

Why work with Juniors?

"Having a background working with youth at the City of El Segundo Recreation and Parks Department for five years, I have witnessed the impact that sports can have on the relationships adults create with youth. Being a role model and guiding youth through sports has given me the opportunity to become a successful leader."

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