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People who enjoy the game of golf together have the opportunity to organize into a group and derive the great benefits of being part of the SCGA. Accomplishing this is easy! We are an organization of golf clubs; the USGA formally acknowledges a "golf club" as an organization of individual members that operates under a set of by-laws with a member who serves as handicap chairman to supervise golf activities, provide peer review, and maintain the integrity of the USGA Handicap Systemâ„¢. This structure allows for the best possible support and implementation of the USGA Handicap System and ultimately opens the door to all kinds of wonderful things that the SCGA has to offer.

Members of a golf club must have a reasonable and regular opportunity to play golf with each other. They must be able to return scores personally. These scores must be readily available for inspection by others, including, but not limited to, fellow members and the club's Handicap Chairman (committee). Various computer-oriented services offered through the SCGA facilitate these requirements.

While not a requirement for the application below to be completed and approved, a club must agree to abide by all policies and procedures of the USGA Handicap System, including the club compliance checklist. The club agrees that within six months of submission of the approval of this application that:

1. A handicap chair is named and will have attended an SCGA Handicap Certification Class; and

2. The club will have a minimum of ten members on its roster.

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Extremely easy to set up your own club.