Meet Bianca Avina

Administrative Asst., Rules & Competitions

It’s been almost five years since Bianca began her journey with the SCGA. Being part of the Rules and Competitions department, she has provided guidance and support to the SCGA's tournament participants by helping them understand tournament formats, eligibility requirements and by directing them to the ideal tournament(s) according to their skill level. For the past several years, Bianca has also been heavily involved with Team Play, one of the most popular SCGA programs. With Team Play’s registration process starting in early October and finals being held during the month of April, Team Play has become one of her main focuses at the SCGA.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

“The SCGA is a very positive environment. I’ve learned that many people in the golf industry have easy-going personalities, making my job a great daily experience."

What has been your favorite SCGA Tournament experience?

"My favorite SCGA Tournament experience has always been attending the SCGA Amateur Championship each year. Watching some of our best amateur players compete is a great privilege for me. It's also great watching all the SCGA staff's hard work pay off!"

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