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Tournament Policies and Procedures

Participants in SCGA competitions must read the following information and are responsible for knowing the rules and regulations for participation in SCGA events.

Pace of Play SCGA Hard Card


The Southern California Golf Association (SCGA) reserves the right to accept, decline or withdraw any entry at any time. Any person whose entry is accepted shall be subject to the rules and conditions of play set forth by the SCGA. The reason for rejection of entry may include, but is not limited to, unbecoming conduct. By entering a SCGA-administered competition, all participants agree that there are certain risks inherent in the game of golf and accept personal and sole liability for all such risks, including, but not limited to, any health-related risks.

Eligibility for SCGA Competitions

All players must be amateurs and members of a current SCGA member club and meet any stated Handicap Index and age requirements.

Certified Handicap Chairperson Requirements

In an effort to continually ensure that all SCGA-sponsored net competitions are conducted on a level playing field, any participant in a SCGA net competition, including SCGA Team Play, must be a member of a club that has a certified handicap chair who has successfully completed the SCGA’s Certified Handicap Chair Program within the last four years. The SCGA’s Certified Handicap Chair Program ensures that each participating club contains a handicap chair who is knowledgeable of the duties and responsibilities that go along with being a handicap chair. Players wishing to participate in SCGA net competitions should ensure that his/her club has a SCGA-certified handicap chair, and ensure that person’s certification is up to date. Certification seminars are held throughout the year. Information about dates and locations of these seminars can be found here.

It is the player’s responsibility to ensure that all eligibility requirements are met. The SCGA will attempt to notify players failing to meet any eligibility requirements prior to the close of entry. Nevertheless, any player failing to meet any one of the eligibility requirements will not be allowed to participate in the competition. Players with questions regarding their eligibility should contact their club and/or the SCGA prior to the entry closing date.

Exempt Players

Exempt players include, but are not limited to, those listed for each competition who meet the eligibility requirements for the competition. Exempt players must register for the competition prior to the entry closing date.

Eligibility for California Amateur Championships

All players must be amateurs and members of a current NCGA or SCGA member club and meet any stated Handicap Index and age requirements.

Eligibility for USGA Competitions

Refer to for eligibility requirements for USGA championships and qualifiers.

Online Registration - SCGA Competitions

All participants are encouraged to register for competitions online at When registering, participants will create an online player profile which can be synced to correspond with his/her login for, thus creating the need to only “login” once. Once a player profile has been created, players will be able to register and withdraw from competitions and manage their profile. When registering for competitions online, all payments must be made by credit card. Entry fees cover various costs, including green fees for the competition. Refer to the specific competition’s Player Information to determine what is covered by the entry fee. Any costs not covered by the entry fee will be the responsibility of the player. It is essential that the SCGA has up-to-date contact information for all players (e-mail, mailing address and phone numbers). Registration confirmations, Player Information, starting times and conditions of competition will all be sent to players via e-mail. The SCGA will not send this information through the U.S. Postal Service unless a player specifically requests so. Player Information, including the pairings, will also be published on If a player does not receive this information within seven days of the competition, it is the player’s responsibility to contact the SCGA. The SCGA is not responsible for any errors in transmission.

Withdrawals and Refunds

Withdrawals Prior to an SCGA Competition

To withdraw for any reason prior to the start of a SCGA competition, a player must notify the SCGA Rules and Competitions Department at either (818) 980-3630,, or by clicking here. They player may also withdraw through his/her online player profile.

If a player needs to withdraw on the morning of the competition, he/she should contact the SCGA directly by phone or e-mail. Failure to notify the SCGA of a withdrawal may subject the player to suspension from future SCGA competitions.

Withdrawals During an SCGA Competition

All players are expected to complete the competition which they start. Acceptable reasons for withdrawal during a competition are physical injury, illness, or an emergency. Poor play is not an acceptable reason for withdrawal. A player who withdraws without an acceptable reason or without notifying SCGA personnel (i.e. does not return a score card) may be subject to suspension from future SCGA competitions. Players who withdraw must sign and attest that the hole-by-hole scores are correct on the fellow-competitor's score card they were keeping and return that card to the fellow-competitor or another marker in the group.

Refund Policy - SCGA Competitions

Requests for refunds prior to the entry closing date will be honored less a $10 administrative fee ($20 for team competitions). Requests received after the entry closing date and 48 hours prior to the competition will be honored less 50% of the entry fee. No refunds will be honored within 48 hours of the competition.

Refund Policy - SCGA Rules of Golf Workshops & Seminars

Requests for refunds prior to the entry closing date will be honored less a $10 administrative fee. No refunds will be honored after the entry closing date. Pending availability, participants may transfer to a different SCGA Rules of Golf Workshop at no charge prior to the closing dates of both the seminar they originally registered for and the seminar they wish to transfer to. Once the closing date of the seminar originally registered for passes, no refunds will be issued, nor can participants use that entry fee towards a different seminar.


For team competitions or any other competition for which players are submitted on behalf of a club, the SCGA allows substitutions to be made up to two business days prior to the competition. In the event that a substitution request is made less than two business days prior to the competition, the SCGA cannot guarantee that the substitution will be granted. For team competitions that utilize qualifiers, once a player or team has gone through the qualifying process, no substitutions may be made for the championship proper.

Alternates / Waiting List Policy

Alternates or players listed on the waiting list prior to the competition may show up as a “standby” at the qualifying site or the championship site on the morning of the first round. All standbys should arrive and check in with SCGA staff 30 minutes prior to the first starting time. In the event that an active participant does not show up or withdraws prior to the start of their round, alternates will be selected based on the SCGA’s procedure for selecting alternates. Alternates do not have access to practice rounds at championship sites until they are officially notified by SCGA staff that they are in the championship field.

Discontinuance of Play Policy

In the event of an emergency or a delay of play (dangerous situation or course becomes unplayable to weather), the SCGA will discontinue play using the following procedure:

DISCONTINUANCE OF PLAY (Note to Rule 6-8b): When play is suspended by the Committee for a dangerous situation, if the players in a match or group are between the play of two holes, they must not resume play until the Committee has ordered a resumption of play. If they are in the process of playing a hole, they must discontinue play immediately and not resume play until the Committee has ordered a resumption of play. If a player fails to discontinue play immediately, he is disqualified, unless circumstances warrant waiving the penalty as provided in Rule 33-7.

The signal for suspending play will be as follows:

- Discontinue Play Immediately: One prolonged air horn note.

- Discontinue Play: Three consecutive air horn notes, repeated.

- Resume Play: Two short air horn notes, repeated.

Once play is suspended, players, caddies, and spectators should proceed to the appropriate safety area as instructed by SCGA officials. All practice areas are closed during suspension during a dangerous situation until the Committee has declared them open.

SCGA Incomplete Round Policy

SCGA players should be prepared to play through adverse weather conditions. The SCGA will only suspend play if there is danger from lightning, if the course becomes unplayable or if there are extreme weather conditions (such as hail, severe rain, etc.). The SCGA does not issue refunds for rounds cancelled due to rain.

When weather conditions or darkness threaten a suspension of play during a SCGA Qualifier, the following procedure will be used to determine the qualifiers from that site:

Players will be told on the tee that the day’s play consists of two stipulated rounds of nine holes each. The player shall continue play between the nines as they would during an 18-hole qualifier, and scores will be kept on the same score card. If the entire field completes 18 holes, the qualifying will be based on the total score for the two stipulated rounds.

If the entire field completes nine holes, but less than 18, the qualifying score will be based on the nine-hole stipulated round.

If the entire field completes fewer than nine holes, and the competition cannot be resumed or rescheduled for another date, the SCGA Rules and Competitions Committee will notify the players involved as soon as possible as to what course of action will be taken.

Dress Code

Players and caddies must be properly attired in golf shirts, slacks, Bermuda-length dress or golf shorts and "soft spike" shoes. Jeans (any color or any kind), T-shirts and tank tops will not be permitted. Shirts must be tucked in and hats are to be worn forward at all times. Refer to the specific competition’s Player Information for details about the dress code at the host facility.

SCGA Player Code of Conduct Policy

The following applies to all SCGA-administered competitions:

By submitting an entry for any SCGA-administered competition, the contestant understands that his/her participation is at the sole discretion of the SCGA. A contestant may be removed from a competition either before or during the competition at the sole discretion of the SCGA. Incidents of unbecoming conduct or actions deemed to be detrimental to the image of the SCGA or the “Spirit of the Game” are grounds for such removal and suspension from future SCGA-administered competitions. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Willful damage of the golf course or golf course property
  • Club throwing or unnecessary club tossing
  • Offensive or unbecoming language
  • Public criticism of golf course or verbal abuse of SCGA staff, officials, volunteers, host club staff or other contestants
  • Potential endangerment of others
  • Conduct deemed unbecoming
  • Failure to post scores for handicapping purposes
  • Manipulation of scores posted for handicapping purposes

Rules of Play

Play is governed by the Rules of Golf. Local Rules in effect will be found on the SCGA Hard Card and the Notice to Players addendum distributed at the site. Disregard all other club-posted Local Rules including those on the back of the club’s score card.

Practice Rounds

Practice round information will be made available after the close of entries. Refer to the specific event’s Player Information, which is e-mailed to each player and published on Players are not always guaranteed a practice round, as they are often issued at the sole discretion of the host facility.

Starting Times and Pairings

For competitions that utilize a single or split tee start, starting times and pairings will be e-mailed to players and posted online at one week in advance of the competition. Players are encouraged to arrive at their assigned tee well in advance of their starting time, as the SCGA starter will have information to discuss and distribute to each player in the group. Furthermore, players arriving late will be penalized under Rule 6-3a of the Rules of Golf. For example, the 9:00 a.m. starting time is defined as 9:00:00, and players arriving after that time are considered late. Lead groups should plan to be at their assigned tee 10 minutes in advance of their starting time. Subsequent groups are encouraged to arrive in time to watch the group in front of them tee off. The clock at the tee (1st or 10th) where a player begins his/her stipulated round is deemed to be the official time.

Automotive Transportation, Caddies and Spectators

Refer to the specific competition’s Player Information for complete details.

Distance Measuring Devices and Cell Phones

The SCGA adopts the Note to Rule 14-3, which allows players to use distance-measuring devices. The following applies for all SCGA-administered competitions, with the exception of U.S. Open and U.S. Senior Open Qualifying:

A player may obtain distance information by use of a distance-measuring device. If, during a stipulated round, a player uses a distance-measuring device to gauge or measure other conditions that might affect his play (e.g. elevation changes, wind speed, etc.), the player is in breach of Rule 14-3. A multi-functional device, such as a smartphone or PDA, may be used as a distance-measuring device, but it must not be used to gauge or measure other conditions where doing so would be a breach of Rule 14-3. Any questions about such devices should be resolved before the start of the stipulated round. Otherwise, cell phone use is discouraged during the stipulated round.

Handicapping Net Competitions

For SCGA net competitions (except Team Play), the lowest Handicap Index of the last six revisions shall be used during each phase of the competition. The SCGA reserves the right to adjust a player’s handicap prior to or during any net competition.

Posting Competition Scores

For SCGA competitions, all scores will be posted as “T” scores by SCGA staff. Players should not post their own scores.


The SCGA reserves the right to use our event participants’ images on communications and marketing material including FORE magazine and

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Handicap Index: 9.6
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Question:  I am playing in in the Public Links Net Championship -  is the a “one ball” rule for this tournament?  (Required to play with the same ball, same model throughout the two rounds of the tournament)


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