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Team Play FAQs

Q: A player's LI is 18.7 for January (higher than the 18.4 maximum). Does this mean they can't play for the entire Team Play season?

A: A player whose LI is 18.7 for January is ineligible for the month of January. If their February LI subsequently drops to 18.4 or below, they are eligible to compete in any regular season matches played in February. Please note that a player must compete in at least one regular season match to be eligible for the playoffs. Please see the Team Play Manual (Team Play Rule 3D)  for further clarification.

Q: What happens if our group only has players from three clubs?

A: Sometimes, due to entry numbers and geography, a group may be composed of three clubs instead of the normal four. In this case, each team plays one home match and one away match with the other two clubs. Each club will have two weeks where they do not compete (bye weeks).

Q: Can we play "ready golf" to improve our pace of play?

A: Unfortunately, playing out of turn is not an option in match play. However, the SCGA has put together some recommendations to assist with pace of play improvement. Please refer to Pace of Play Solutions.

Q: Our course is going to be under construction for the upcoming Team Play season. What are our options?

A: If one hole is going to be under construction, the SCGA recommends that a 17-hole match be played. If more than one hole will be under construction, a club should look into playing its home matches at an alternate site. One option would be to find another course in the area to serve as the home course. Another option would be for the other clubs in the group to host an extra home match in place of the matches to be played at the club under construction. For example, Coto de Caza, Old Ranch, Alta Vista and Marbella are in a group. Old Ranch will have three holes under construction for most of the Team Play season. The other three clubs in the group agree to host Old Ranch twice, instead of playing any matches at Old Ranch. All other matches will be scheduled normally.

Q: Is the penalty for using a cell phone one stroke or loss of hole?

A: Neither. Imposing a penalty of one stroke or loss of hole would be contrary to the USGA Rules of Golf (unless a breach of another rule, like advice, occurs). However, the SCGA does not permit the use of cell phones in Team Play (SCGA Team Play Rule 26). If a player uses their cell phone during a match and this use is brought to the attention of the SCGA, the player will receive a warning. Any subsequent breaches could result in disciplinary action by the SCGA. Leave your phones in the car.

Q: What is the SCGA doing to eliminate sandbagging?

A: The SCGA reviews every score posted by every player in Team Play for the entire season. The SCGA uses an automated process to evaluate each score in a fair and equitable manner. This policy can be found in the Appendices of the Team Play Manual. [link?] Please report to SCGA staff if there are players who are manipulating the handicap system (failure to post, posting false scores, etc.) or players whose handicaps do not reflect their playing potential.

Q: Can a club impose additional requirements to those listed by the SCGA, in order to decide who plays on its team?

A: Yes. It is up to each individual club to decide who plays on their Team Play roster. Many clubs institute their own policies requiring that their members play in a certain number of club events to be eligible to play on the Team Play roster.

Q: How do clubs get into the playoffs? Where are the finals held?

 A: The winner of each group advances into the playoffs. The winner is the team with the most team points. A team gets two points for winning a match, one for a tie and zero for a loss. The procedure for breaking ties is outlined in the Team Play Manual (Team Play Rule 23).

Team Play finals are traditionally held at a neutral site, The SCGA Golf Course. In 2011, the Thursday Finals will be held on April 29; the Saturday Finals will be held on April 30.

Q: What should we do if we cannot play a match on the scheduled date?

 A: Appropriate reasons for rescheduling a match include course unavailability, predicted unfavorable weather conditions or other conflicts. A date should be agreed upon by the two team captains involved. In accordance with Team Play Rule 19D, the SCGA Team Play staff should be notified immediately. You can find contact information in the Contact link on the Team Play Web site.  Please note that all regular season matches must be completed by Monday, March 2.

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