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Member Spotlight: Golf MTRx

September 19, 2013

By Michelle Krasodomski

The most common mistake an average golfer makes is comparing his golf game to those playing on the PGA TOUR. Yes, we would all love to swing like Tiger Woods, but that’s not realistic. What the average golfer should focus on is his own swing and how it relates to his own body mechanics.

“It all starts with the hips,” explains Devin Fitzmaurice, an SCGA member and co-founder of Golf MTRx, speaking about the golf swing. “When using technology such as video analysis, golfers are more focused on the weight they need to loose or how they can match Tiger’s swing than the real culprit: hip rotation.”

A San Diego native and teaching professional of 19 years, Fitzmaurice found his love for golf at Tecolote Canyon GC in San Diego. While working with one of his students at the San Diego Golf Institute, which Fitzmaurice co-founded in 2006, the idea to bring a more simplistic approach to swing analysis was born. The student was Steven Blake, also an SCGA member, a retired software developer and co-founder of Golf MTRx. Together, Blake and Fitzmaurice were able to determine the basis for a mobile application that would address each golfer’s unique swing and then provide feedback on how to improve it.

Understanding that the golf industry is constantly taking advantage of cutting edge technology and trying to improve and create new devices and applications to assist golfers with their game, the duo narrowed their focus in on the most critical components of the swing, hip speed and rotation. By using what the iPhone already has built in, a gyroscope, the device is able to accurately pick up the body’s movement.

The technology behind this mobile app can be confusing, with big words and mechanisms that only a technical brain like Blake’s is able to comprehend. He stated that “trying to sort out all of the technical data can be overwhelming to the average golfer, but once they understand that this product will help their swing, they’re willing to overcome that initial nervousness.”

Pronounced “golf metrics,” Golf MTRx works with the integrated sensors located in a smartphone, creating no need for the golfer to purchase a separate product. A golfer will download the application, secure their phone to the inside of their belt, hit the record button and swing. The gyroscope in the device follows the golfer’s body movement while the microphone picks up the contact with the ball. Data is then available immediately for review. A video of how this process works can be found here.

Another feature of Golf MTRx allows teaching professionals to use this app when working with their students. Instructors can store multiple student profiles with personalized data collection, which can then be used by the instructor to prescribe drills relevant to each individual.

Blake and Fitzmaurice are optimistic that this unique app will develop into the most effective tool for both golf instructors and the average golfer. Golf MTRx is currently available for iPhone users, but there are talks to expand to the Android platform down the road. In the meantime, the duo looks to hone in on the key aspects of the app and make it the best swing analysis tool in the market.

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