Meet Michelle Krasodomski

Communications Coordinator

Michelle joined the SCGA in October 2012 after concluding her P.J. Boatwright, Jr. internship with the Vermont Golf Association. She assists with a number of communications and marketing department projects, including coordinating digital communications, supporting the production of FORE magazine, tracking advertising and partnership commitments and handling general member inquiries.

Michelle recently obtained a master’s degree in Sport Leadership from Northeastern University. Born and raised in Upstate New York, Michelle is an avid Boston sports fan, enjoys her Starbucks coffee and is looking forward to exploring California!

Why golf?

"I am a sports fanatic, but did not get into golf until my internship with the Vermont Golf Association. I was able to have my hands in all aspects of the organization and really enjoyed being able to travel to golf courses around the state as well as creating relationships with members. Now I can say I have a passion for the golf industry and am excited to continue my journey in golf with the SCGA.”

What is your dream golf foursome?

"My father, Keegan Bradley (He’s from Vermont!), Phil Mickelson (my father’s favorite golfer) and myself.”

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