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SCGA eClubs

SCGA eClub members receive full SCGA benefits, including a USGA Handicap Index, Member Advantage discounts, access to great Southland courses through Play Days and Member Outings and much more! Click here to learn more about SCGA member benefits. There are four SCGA eClubs based on geographic regions (see map below). Join after June 1, 2015 for only $33 (a $68 value)!

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If you have a GHIN number from a previous club or another state association, please enter it on this page. Please remember to select the eClub Region that best represents where you live. Payment will be processed by credit card online.

To help encourage peer review and to ensure that we are abiding by USGA standards:

  • Members must live or work within a 50 mile radius of the primary location of the club.
  • Members must play with fellow club members a minimum of three times per year (including a club-sponsored event).
  • Members must provide their contact information to be displayed and readily accessible to fellow club members through the club website.

Membership Fees

Join after June 1, 2015 for only $33 ($68 value)! When it's time for renewal, the SCGA will work with you to find a club to join or you may continue as an eClub member as long as the above membership requirements have been met.


If you have any questions about SCGA eClub, please email

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Handicap Index: 40.4L
Sunday, August 07, 2016

I have a question about eclubs.  I need to play 3 times I guess in the events each year.  Where do I get a list of approved events to qualify for this?


Handicap Index: 9.8
Tuesday, January 05, 2016

I cant find the renewal page, can you send me a link please?
Thanks Mike McCurdy


Handicap Index: 21.4
Tuesday, February 10, 2015

My membership expired.  need to pay my renewal fee but don’t see a place for that??


Handicap Index: 17.0
Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Re: Membership Renewal

Hey Fellow Members,

If you click on your respective eClub regions, it will send you to the GHIN website.

There is a link to renew memberships below your profile box after log-in.