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Member Club Benefits

In addition to individual member benefits, the SCGA provides a variety of services to its member clubs that enhance the enjoyment of the game for all golfers. These are benefits for our affiliate clubs (type 2) and golf course facilities (type 1).


Licensing by the United States Golf Association

The United States Golf Association (USGA), which authorizes the SCGA to use the USGA Handicap Systemâ„¢, has established the Handicap System Licensing Program. The USGA Handicap System Licensing Program for Clubs began January 1, 2005, and is a requirement for all clubs in the United States wishing to utilize the USGA Handicap System. The SCGA maintains all licensing agreements on file for inspection by the USGA when requested. Verification of Indexes for Member-Guest and Invitational Tournaments.

Clubs have access to more than two million golfers' information to verify Handicap Indexes for club member-guest and invitational events. Verify handicap indexes on our look-up section.

Handicap Software

The GHIN Handicap Program provides the ability for golfers to post their score at the course played, view their trend handicap and current file of scores. Administrative services allow the handicap chair to perform file maintenance for members (add new members, score corrections, post scores, run reports, etc.) at the golf course facility.

Online File Maintenance is a club officials' Web site to perform member maintenance through any web browser (add new members, score corrections, post scores, etc.). This password-protected area allows the freedom and convenience for club officials to perform these tasks anywhere where there is Internet access.

Golf Course Facility

USGA Course and Slope Ratings

The SCGA is licensed by the USGA to issue Course and Slope Ratings, which are used to calculate members' Handicap Indexes at all member facilities.

Course Measuring

The SCGA measures courses using a GPS device to ensure the most accurate hole yardages possible. Course Rating and course measuring are provided free of charge to SCGA member clubs on a regular basis.


Listing in the Annual Southern California Directory of Golf

SCGA member clubs are listed in the annual Southern California Directory of Golf, an invaluable resource used by SCGA and SCPGA members throughout the year. The listing includes the club's name, address, telephone number (including pro shop or starter telephone numbers), play policies, key personnel, Web site and e-mail addresses, directions to the club and course and slope ratings.

Club Web Site

eClubhouse is an optional service and offers a member club a central location to communicate with their members, share photos, register for membership as well as tournaments and many more features.

Golf Industry Services

SCGA Foundation

The charitable affiliate of the SCGA seeks to promote education and character development through golf to deserving youth in communities across Southern California. This includes the Youth on Course continuum, which offers youth of Southern California affordable access to golf facilities, a scholarship program for youth to continue their education, and other activities that expose youth to the game and its benefits. To assist the Foundation and its purposes, the SCGA absorbs a major portion of the Foundation's administrative overhead and also contributes funds to assist the Foundation in its projects.

Turfgrass Research

In conjunction with other interested parties, the SCGA continues to research turfgrass at the University of California, Riverside and is a member of the UCR Turf Research Advisory Committee.

Green and Water Seminars

The SCGA, in conjunction with the USGA, GCSASC and other allied associations, sponsors and participates in seminars for course superintendents and other club officials involved in the upkeep and maintenance of their courses.

Legislative and Legal

The SCGA monitors all legislative, tax and legal matters affecting the golf industry on a national, regional and local level, providing its member clubs with the latest information and recommendations.

Speaker's Bureau

Need a speaker for your next club meeting? Would you like to host a Rules seminar for your club? The SCGA Speakers Bureau provides knowledgeable staff to speak to your club on a variety of subjects. Visit for more information.

Club Visitations

The SCGA Club Visitation Program provides an opportunity for club officials to meet with an SCGA representative to discuss the various programs offered by the SCGA and the role the SCGA plays in serving the golf community. The visitations occur at the local club and allow issues to be proactively addressed, while providing a forum for member clubs to give feedback to the SCGA.

Tournament and Rules Support

USGA Tournament Management (USGA TM)

USGA TM powered by Golf Genius is a comprehensive online cloud based tournament and event management program available to every SCGA member club. It has an array of powerful features that can be customized for varying needs. Additionally, there is a set-up wizard, a quick events setup and a Knowledge Base to assist in facilitating utilization of the product.

Rules of Golf Support

Knowledgeable SCGA staff members in the office can help answer those tricky questions on the Rules of Golf and other areas. In addition, a member of the SCGA rules and competitions department will be happy to meet with your course officials to explain how a course should be properly marked and how the local rules should be worded.

Team Play

One of the most popular SCGA programs, SCGA Team Play began in 1900 and has grown to include more than 230 clubs and 8,000 participants each year. SCGA clubs at golf course facilities enter 16-person teams in Thursday and Saturday Team Play, while clubs located in the Coachella Valley compete in the SCGA Desert Team Championship. The SCGA Affiliate Team Championship completes the SCGA's comprehensive Team Play program. The Affiliate Team Championship is open to two-person teams, with both players members of an SCGA Affiliate Club (not necessarily the same club), and each having active current indexes not exceeding 24.4 as of the date of registration. Both players must be 18 years or older as of August 16, 2010. Up to four teams (or 8 players) from one Affiliate Club may enter.

Club Delegate Program

The SCGA Club Delegate has an important role as a communicator and supporter of the SCGA. Their involvement helps to promote the game of golf to members of their home club. Delegates receive frequent updates on SCGA activities to help ensure Member Clubs are aware of, and understand, the full benefits of SCGA membership services. For more information on how your golf club can participate in the SCGA Club Delegate program, please contact

Club Education Seminars

SCGA Club Education Seminars are designed to help clubs improve their efficiency in many facets of their operations and share ideas with other clubs. They are held each year in different locations throughout Southern California. The SCGA also co-sponsors seminars with organizations such as the National Club Association and the American Society of Golf Course Architects.

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