SCGA Loyalty Program

Join the fun! Learn how you can earn points and badges as part of the SCGA Loyalty Program.

Every time you comment on a page, watch a video, volunteer your time, play in an event and simply log into your SCGA Member Account, you'll earn points. These points can add up to specific badges, outlined below. Some badges have more than one level. Points are also calculated towards special savings at the SCGA Store.

You must log into your SCGA Member Account to earn points and badges!

Earn these badges!


You'll receive this badge on your birthday. Enter your birth date in your SCGA Member Account so we can celebrate you!


Voice your opinion on any video, story or program on to earn points towards the Commentator badge.

Couch Potato

Earn points by watching SCGA Rules Crew, Fitness Tips, Swing Tips and much more. Don't forget to sign in first so we can track your actions!

Handicap Chair

You passed the test! The SCGA and your club members thank you for helping fix scores and keeping them honest.


Post your ace on to receive an SCGA certificate and earn this badge.

Member Appreciation

Did you attend an SCGA Member Appreciation event? We’ll give you some points for that.

Member Outings

Play a new Southland course this year through SCGA Member Outings. You'll save on your round, have fun and earn points.

Pace of Play

Did you take the pledge? Click here for more information on the SCGA Pace of Play pledge to earn this badge.

Post a Score

Keep track of your Handicap Index by posting your scores and you'll earn points towards this badge.

Profile Picture

Say cheese! Upload a picture to earn this badge.


You participate, promote, share and attend events. You’ll earn this badge for all the actions you take and the overall amount of points you earn.

Rules Expert

Think you know the Rules of Golf? Attend an SCGA Rules Seminar or Workshop to grow your knowledge of the Rules of Golf and earn this badge.

Rules Official

Thanks for all your help at SCGA events! Rules Officials will earn this badge.

SCGA Promoter

We love it when you share and like the content on And every time you do, you'll add up points towards this badge.

Summer Fun

Thanks for joining us at an SCGA Summer Golf Series event!


A competitive golfer? We’ll give you points for each SCGA Championship and One-Day Tournament that you place in.


We'll give you this badge as a thank you for spending your free time volunteering with the SCGA!

SCGA Junior Volunteer

You spent your free time helping out at an SCGA Junior event. Thank you!

SCGA Junior Scholar

Congrats on earning an SCGA Junior scholarship! Each Scholar will receive this badge.

SCGA Junior Instruction

Taking it to the next level? Keep up the good work in your instruction classes. You'll earn this badge after registering for your next session!

SCGA Junior Participant

You’re working on your game and taking full advantage of Junior programs. Keep it up and you’ll earn this badge!


Support our partner Acura by test driving a car and earn this badge as well as a dozen golf balls!

Every action you take on results in points towards badges, prizes and much more! Here are some other ways you can earn points:

  • Merge your SCGA Member Account with a Social Media login
  • Every time you log into your SCGA Member Account!