Women’s Mid-Amateur Championship Boasts Record Participation

March 09, 2023

By Stephanie Tran

While 2023 wasn’t a Leap Year on the calendar, the SCGA made great strides in hosting the 3rd Women’s Mid-Amateur Championship at Mesa Verde CC on the last two days of February amidst a forecast that flooded everyone with concerns of abnormal playing conditions. This is Southern California after all, and we want our weather to be like Santa – predictable and friendly. But carts would stay in the barn and debates would brew behind closed doors. Should the event be postponed or canceled? Contingency plans would consume our Championships & Golf Operations team.

Meanwhile, a strong contingent of women prepared for the worst and hoped for the best – 47 of them, to be exact. Former collegiate golfers and coaches, entrepreneurs, moms, business executives, a retired teacher, a screenwriter, and a current and a former SCGA staff member filled the field. A few folks even descended from Northern California while a resident from Utah crossed state lines. For 38 participants, it was their first time playing in this newish championship. Some had not competed since college. Others had played in this event since its inception in 2021, including both former champions. Ages ranged from 25 to 69 with an overall average age of 44. All were anxious to test their abilities at one of Orange County’s premier private clubs, led by an extraordinary Head Professional, Heidi Wright-Tennyson. Much to everyone’s delight, the course held up firmly against the heavy rainfall and its staff members gave everyone a warm, personalized welcome.

Apart from the USGA, if you searched for organizations that have tried to captivate the Women’s Mid-Am segment, you’d be hard pressed to find an event with a field size and depth that would rival the turnout of our recent championship. As one of the largest Allied Golf Associations in the nation, the SCGA is committed to leading in this space and growing the segment one player at a time. After all, it only takes one extra calendar day to make it a leap!

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