Renew Your SCGA Club Membership

Note: Note: if your club uses the SCGA Signup Portal, you can complete checkout below. If it is not listed, this usually means the club does not participate in the SCGA online payment program and you'll need to contact your club to renew.

First, find your club:

Clubs With Online Registration

Club Name Fees Renew
Alondra Park Men's Golf Club $80.00 Renew Now!
Malibu Golf Club $100.00 Renew Now!
Advocating Women Lawyers GC $50.00 Renew Now!
Grunions Golf Club $65.00 Renew Now!
Flying Tiger Golf Club $50.00 Renew Now!
South Bay Senior Men's Golf Club $66.00 Renew Now!
Pigbodies Golf Association $50.00 Renew Now!
Manhattan Beach Golf Club $80.00 Renew Now!
Los Verdes Men's Golf Club $72.00 Renew Now!
SCGA Junior Club $60.00 Renew Now!
Majestic Golf Club $100.00 Renew Now!
Space Park Golf Club $60.00 Renew Now!
Fore Score Golf Club $65.00 Renew Now!
South Bay Pub Links Golf Club $42.00 Renew Now!
The Boys OI Classic Golf Club $40.00 Renew Now!
Penmar Golf Club $59.00 Renew Now!

Club does not have online renewal

Looks like we don't have an online renewal link for your club. Use the contact information below to get in touch with your club to renew!

Club Name Contact Phone Fees Email
Gardena Maga N/A (310) 628-5563 $60.00
SOI Golf Club .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) (310) 292-1830 $151.00

SCGA Membership - Frequently Asked Questions

Digital Profile for and GHIN Mobile App

HELP: I can’t login to post scores on or the GHIN mobile app. What changed?

All golfers are now required to have a digital profile in order to access the GHIN Mobile App or You can start the digital profile creation process at or the GHIN Mobile App if you have an email address on record with the SCGA. You will need to verify two of three things: GHIN Number, Last Name or email address. Upon verification you will receive an email from that will position you to complete the create digital profile process. If the verification won't confirm your email address correctly or indicates it is sending it to an email address you no longer use you will need to have your club or the SCGA update the email address to move forward with the GHIN Digital Profile process.

I need to add/change my email address that is on file with the SCGA in order to create a digital profile.

There are two entities capable of making these edits/additions – the SCGA and your club officials. Once this updated email address is in your SCGA record, you will then be positioned to create a GHIN Digital Profile -and can do this in one of two ways: 1) receive an email from; or 2) go to or the GHIN Mobile APP and complete the profile creation. This cannot be completed successfully until there is an accurate email address in your SCGA record. Please be aware that due to an influx of these requests it may take up to two business days to receive a response from the SCGA.

Once you have created your digital profile, you will be able to manage your contact information through and/or the GHIN App.

I’ve forgotten my password for posting scores on and/or the GHIN App.

Once you create a GHIN Digital Profile the SCGA has no access to the password and cannot set or reset a password for you. You will need to choose the Forgot Login Information Link on either or the GHIN Mobile App and complete the reset password process.

Joining the SCGA

How do I join the SCGA and get my Handicap Index?

There are 3 ways to join the SCGA, all of which include a USGA/GHIN Handicap Index:

    • Golf Club Member - Become a member of any SCGA golf club. Find a golf community that matches your style: EXPLORE OUR CLUB FINDER
    • Associate Member - Join as an SCGA Associate Member and we’ll auto-assign a club near you. It’s fast, easy and inexpensive: JOIN NOW
    • Start your own club - Do things your way... Check out how to get started quickly and easily: START YOUR CLUB
Do I have to join a golf club to join the SCGA?

Yes, to maintain a valid USGA Handicap Index, you must be a member of a certified USGA “golf club”. Don’t worry! We make the process easy by automating the process (Associate Membership) or by helping your find a local group that fits your personality, ability level and style of play (Club Finder Tool). You can also start your own golf club if that’s more your style!

What's the difference between an Associate Membership and a Regular Membership?

Both full and associate memberships provide you with “full” SCGA benefits, including a Handicap Index (posting scores via your GHIN number).

Full membership means that you are joining an SCGA-licensed golf club and you have “full” access to that club’s tournaments and benefits. Pricing will vary because each club determines their own club dues.

An Associate membership means that you are joining a SCGA-licensed golf club as an Associate Member, which provides limited access to that club’s tournaments and benefits. The club determines the limited benefits it sets for associate members. A chart outlining participating Associate Member clubs and benefits can be viewed here.

How long is my membership good for?

Your membership is good for 12 months from the date you join.

What else does my membership include?

Aside from a Handicap Index, all SCGA members receive:

    • Access to 100+ competitive tournaments for golfers of all skill levels
    • 60+ non-competitive, member-only group golf outings at private and premier SoCal courses at discounted rates
    • Monthly member-only discounts
    • $150+ in rewards at golf retailers
    • Subscription to the SCGA’s FORE Magazine
How does someone change clubs and/or join multiple clubs?
  • Joining a different club just before your existing club membership expires (SCGA notifies you in advance via email regarding each club membership) ensures continuous service and benefits – You can join any club of your choice. In all cases, you will be able to use the same GHIN number to reactivate your membership at your new club.
  • Joining an additional club while in the middle of membership with another club – This results in paying each club for its membership fees. In this scenario you are considered a multi-club member from an SCGA perspective, which would make you eligible to apply for the SCGA multi-member rebate at .
  • In all cases, when desiring to be listed on a club’s SCGA roster, there are potentially two ways to do so. IF the club participates in the SCGA’s online membership payment program, you can accomplish this at If the club is not listed this means it is not participating in the program and a club official from that club will need to add you onto the club’s SCGA roster. Please contact the club for further assistance.
Do I have to play with my golf club?

Your level of participation with your club is entirely up to you. The SCGA encourages golfers to engage with their club, as these local groups are fun, social and an essential part of the golf community. However, while your club will likely offer regular tournaments and/or events, you can play and post a score at any golf course with any group of people your choose.

How do I change my home club designation for handicap purposes if I am a member of more than one club?
  • In general, this is not important, as it is only meaningful if there is a handicap dispute and the clubs in which you are a member don’t agree on a handicap action. If you are a member of more than one club and you want to change your home club designation please contact your club official or the SCGA. Home club designation is to ensure your Handicap Index is managed in accordance with the Rules of Handicapping and does not change your membership status in any club.
Am I a USGA member when I join the SCGA?

No. While your SCGA membership includes a Handicap Index, it is not a membership to the USGA. Also, if you join the USGA Members Program, this does not result in receiving a Handicap Index. USGA Membership is a philanthropic donation to the USGA. To establish a Handicap Index, you must become affiliated with a golf club (see Establishing a Handicap Index section).

I have more questions - can I talk to somebody on the phone?

Of course! If you have any questions about your membership or need help renewing, give us a call at 818-980-3630. Our business hours are 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. PDT, Mon-Fri.

Establishing a Handicap Index

What is a Handicap Index?

A Handicap Index is a number used to represent your potential scoring ability, which is always expressed as a number taken to one decimal place (e.g. 10.4). This number is used to calculate how many strokes you would potentially need to adjust your score back to par, and allows golfers of all skill levels to compete on an even playing field. While there are different ways to get your Handicap Index, the Handicap Index is the most universally trusted and accepted version. For more information on the World Handicap System, check out this great article on our blog..

How do I get a Handicap Index?

Step 1: Join an SCGA golf club! It’s fast and easy if you go here. Step 2: Once you join, the SCGA will send you your own GHIN number. This number is unique to you and allows you to “post scores” to your individual golfer account. You can post your scores by using or the USGA GHIN App on your mobile phone. You’ll need to post three 18-hole scores (or any combinations of nine-hole rounds and 18 hole rounds that add up to 54 holes in total) in order to establish your Handicap Index, which will be revised/established the day after you post your third 18-hole score. Look on your mobile phone or to see your updated Handicap Index. Please note: Posted rounds are NOT limited to rounds played with your golf club; you can post rounds from any round at any golf course, with any group of golfers. For a simple step-by-step process with video, check out our get started guide.

What is the difference between GHIN and other Handicaps out there?

While there are different ways to get your Handicap Index, the Handicap Index through an Allied Golf Association like the SCGA is the most widely trusted and accepted version. Use of the GHIN Service through the SCGA allows you to use GHIN products, whereas other services cannot offer GHIN products. Whether you’re trying to qualify for the U.S. Open, play in a local club event, or participate in a charity tournament, a Handicap Index through the SCGA will always be accepted.

How do I post a score?

You can post a score, on the USGA’s GHIN mobile app, or posting computer found in the golf shop at your local golf course. For more information and videos, check out our Quick Start Guide. To post, you’ll need to enter the course, set of tees, and your score.

I've posted scores, when do I get a Handicap Index?

In order to get a Handicap Index, you need to post at least three 18-hole scores. Your Handicap Index is updated the day after the submission of the third score. Go to or access the GHIN mobile app to see your updated Handicap Index.

Can I post rounds that I played before I'm a member?

Yes! You can post any scores you have saved, regardless of when you played.

I have more questions regarding a Handicap Index and the World Handicap System, where do I go?

Visit the SCGA World Handicap System (WHS) Hub (there’s also a handy chat feature on the site), consult your club Handicap Chair, or give the SCGA a call at 818-980-3630. We are here to answer ALL your questions.

I have more questions - can I talk to somebody on the phone?

Of course! If you have any questions about your membership or need help renewing, give us a call at 818-980-3630. Our business hours are 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. PDT, Mon-Fri.

Renewing Members

How do I renew my membership with a different club?
  • If you know which club you’d like renew with: go to and search the name of the club you wish to join. If that clubs offers online registration/payment for membership, you’ll find a “Renew Now!” link next to their search result listing. Have your GHIN number handy so that your account can be transferred to your new club. For clubs that do not participate in online registration, but are seeking members, a contact point with email address and phone number is listed. Note: for clubs directly associated with a golf course facility, you can usually visit the course and ask about membership in the club.
  • If you do not know which club you’d like to renew with: visit and search for clubs in your area that match your interests and ability level. Again, have your GHIN number handy so that your account can be transferred to your new club. If you need help finding a club, contact the SCGA at (818) 980-3630 and we’ll be happy to help.
How do I renew my membership with my previous golf club?

Most SCGA golf clubs participate in the SCGA’s online join/renew program, so the quickest way to rejoin is to go to and input your club into the search box. If your club appears, a “Renew Now!” link is listed to the right which will take you to your club’s renewal portal. If your club does not use the SCGA’s online join/renew program, the contact name for your club official should be listed. We recommend contacting him/her to renewl. As always, you can also contact the SCGA if you have trouble finding your club contact: (818) 980-3630. Note: If you are currently a member you will receive an email notification specific to each club starting 60 days before your membership expires, advising you that it is time to renew. Email follow-up messaging will continue until you take action.

Can I keep my same GHIN number if I change clubs?

Yes! You can keep the same GHIN number, no matter which club you renew with.

My membership expired. Do I still get to keep my same GHIN number?

Yes, you will be able to keep the same GHIN number by searching our database and linking it to your reactivated membership.

Does my score history get deleted if my membership expires?

Like your GHIN number, your score history remains on record.

Can I set my membership to renew automatically?

Yes! When renewing your membership through the SCGA’s join/renew portal, select the “Auto-Renew My Membership” option when checking out. Note: not all SCGA clubs use the SCGA’s join/renew portal for membership renewal, so this feature will vary by club.

I can't find where to renew my club membership online. How do I renew?

To check if your club has online renewal, search for your club at If your club doesn’t appear, or does not show the “Renew Now!” link next to their name, you’ll need to contact a club official directly to renew. Note: The SCGA sends email messaging starting 60 days before a membership expires with instructions on how to renew in a particular club. Alternatively, you can call the SCGA at 818-980-3630.

I have more questions - can I talk to somebody on the phone?

Of course! If you have any questions about your membership or need help renewing, give us a call at 818-980-3630. Our business hours are 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. PDT, Mon-Fri.