SCGA Webinars

Webinars on all facets of running your club

SCGA Webinars

Any club representative or member may attend these online webinars. Below you'll find dates and times for upcoming webinars. Be sure to register to guarantee yourself a spot!

Rules of Golf Webinars

Learn more about the Rules of Golf from the SCGA Rules Crew!

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Key Rule Changes for '23
Thurs., Mar. 23
4:00 PM


Penalty Relief
Thurs., Jun. 8
10:00 AM Register
Free Relief
Thurs., Sep. 21
4:00 PM Register
Play the Course as You Find It
Thurs., Nov. 16
10:00 AM Register

World Handicap System Webinars (~45 Min)

This revamped World Handicap System brings the game of golf under a single set of handicapping rules and provide a more consistent measure of players’ ability between different regions of the world.

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Weds., Mar. 8 10:00 AM


Thurs., Jun. 8 4:00 PM Register
Weds., Sep. 6 10:00 AM Register
Thurs., Dec. 7 4:00 PM Register

USGA Admin Portal Webinars (~45 Min)

Learn more about handicap maintenance and reports.

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Tues., Jan. 10 5:00 PM


Tues., Feb. 14 10:00 AM


Tues., Mar. 14 5:00 PM


Tues., May. 9 5:00 PM Register
Tues., Jun. 13 10:00 AM Register
Tues., Jul. 11 5:00 PM Register
Tues., Aug. 8 10:00 AM Register
Tues., Sep. 12 5:00 PM Register
Tues., Oct. 10 10:00AM Register
Tues., Nov. 14 5:00 PM Register
Tues., Dec. 12 10:00 AM Register

Golf Nations Webinars (~45 Min)

Learn more about club billing and roster management.

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Thurs., Jan. 19 10:00 AM


Thurs., Feb. 16 5:00 PM


Thurs., Mar. 16 10:00 AM


Thurs., Apr. 20 5:00 PM Register
Thurs., May. 18 10:00 AM Register
Thurs., Jun. 15 5:00 PM Register
Thurs., Jul. 20 10:00 AM Register
Thurs., Aug. 17 5:00 PM Register
Thurs., Sep. 21 10:00 AM Register
Thurs., Oct. 19 5:00 PM Register
Thurs., Nov. 16 10:00 AM Register
Thurs., Dec. 21 5:00 PM Register

Golf Genius Webinars

Learn more about this free tournament admin program. Click Here.