SCGA Webinars

SCGA Webinars

Any club representative or member may attend these online webinars. Below you'll find dates and times for upcoming webinars. Be sure to register to guarantee yourself a spot!

Rules of Golf Webinars

Learn more about the Rules of Golf from the SCGA Rules Crew!

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Key Rule Changes for '23
Thurs., Mar. 23
4:00 PM


Penalty Relief
Thurs., Jun. 8
10:00 AM Register
Free Relief
Thurs., Sep. 21
4:00 PM Register
Play the Course as You Find It
Thurs., Nov. 16
10:00 AM Register

World Handicap System Webinars (~45 Min)

This revamped World Handicap System brings the game of golf under a single set of handicapping rules and provide a more consistent measure of players’ ability between different regions of the world.

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Weds., Mar. 8 10:00 AM


Thurs., Jun. 8 4:00 PM Register
Weds., Sep. 6 10:00 AM Register
Thurs., Dec. 7 4:00 PM Register

USGA Admin Portal Webinars (~45 Min)

Learn more about handicap maintenance and reports.

Day Time Registration Link
Tues., Jan. 10 5:00 PM


Tues., Feb. 14 10:00 AM


Tues., Mar. 14 5:00 PM


Tues., May. 9 5:00 PM Conducted
Tues., Jul. 11 5:00 PM Register
Tues., Aug. 8 10:00 AM Register
Tues., Sep. 12 5:00 PM Register
Tues., Oct. 10 10:00AM Register
Tues., Nov. 14 5:00 PM Register
Tues., Dec. 12 10:00 AM Register

Golf Nations Webinars (~45 Min)

Learn more about club billing and roster management.

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Thurs., Jan. 19 10:00 AM


Thurs., Feb. 16 5:00 PM


Thurs., Mar. 16 10:00 AM


Thurs., Apr. 20 5:00 PM Conducted
Thurs., May. 18 10:00 AM Conducted
Thurs., Jul. 20 10:00 AM Register
Thurs., Aug. 17 5:00 PM Register
Thurs., Sep. 21 10:00 AM Register
Thurs., Oct. 19 5:00 PM Register
Thurs., Nov. 16 10:00 AM Register
Thurs., Dec. 21 5:00 PM Register

Golf Genius Webinars

Learn more about this free tournament admin program. Click Here.