SCGA and American Golf Corporation (AGC) Announce Partnership

February 25, 2020

STUDIO CITY AND EL SEGUNDO – American Golf Corporation (AGC) and the Southern California Golf Association (SCGA) today announced a strategic partnership to maximize engagement with Southern California golfers, provide more playing opportunities to the community and develop more core players, those who play 8+ rounds per year.

Together AGC and SCGA will partner to:

  • Leverage their vast audiences (300k+ SoCal Golfers) to create and disseminate dynamic, entertaining and educational golf content
  • Produce a wide range of impactful golf events at American Golf’s SoCal facilities, including SCGA Twilight Leagues at more than 35 American Golf properties
  • Integrate product offerings; AGC Players Club members will be able to quickly and easily add a USGA Handicap Index to their PC membership, while Players Club members will have opportunities to participate in SCGA activities at reduced rates
  • Enhance support for junior golf through complementary youth programming

“Both organizations want to see more players out on the golf course, more golfers who are extremely passionate about the game, and more people who play golf as often as they possibly can,” said SCGA Executive Director Kevin Heaney. “American Golf and the SCGA have the same goal: grow the game and develop more core golfers. With American Golf’s oversight of 50+ golf courses and 50,000 Players Club members, and the SCGA’s network of 1,400 golf clubs and 170,000 members, it makes perfect strategic sense for the two organizations to combine efforts to better engage our golf community here in Southern California.”

“Our goal is to support a golfer’s progression from the driving range to the golf course, and then into an organized golf activity,” said Chris May, Vice President of Revenue Management at American Golf. “In the long run, the golfers that play in organized group activities will play the most golf, encourage their friends to play, and keep our courses and the industry healthy. We believe that our partnership with the SCGA is a key step toward accomplishing this goal.”

In the Summer of 2019, the SCGA administered its leagues program at seven AGC facilities, driving revenue and rounds of golf during off peak twilight times. With more than 50 teams and an extremely high player retention rate during the eight-week program, the SCGA’s league program culminated in a successful SoCal League Championship.

American Golf and the SCGA have a long history of working together. Over the past decade, the two organizations have collaborated on issues of critical importance to the game of golf – water, environmental sustainability and keeping public golf affordable and accessible for juniors and schools in particular.

About the SCGA

The SCGA is devoted to providing all Southland golfers with the best experience possible. Its primary goal is to enhance the enjoyment of the game for those who actively live the golf lifestyle or have just learned to swing a club. Advocating on behalf of our community of passionate golfers, the SCGA provides accessible and affordable opportunities for anyone looking to be involved with the game. Whether crowning champions at amateur tournaments or providing a Handicap Index to track a golfer’s progress, the SCGA is committed to providing exceptional service to its members.

About American Golf

American Golf's portfolio consists of over 70 private club, daily fee, and municipal courses. It has been an operating partner with the cities of New York and San Diego for 30 years, and—as the largest daily-fee golf course operator in California including over 30 in Southern California. This long history of golf course ownership and management across the nation allows it to understand local demographics and provide customers with a multitude of unique golf experiences, while simultaneously offering our partners a comprehensive database of highly targeted golfers and integrated marketing opportunities.

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