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Why isn’t Bernhard Langer’s stroke considered anchoring?

July 26, 2016

We recently released the above Know The Rules video, and since, have had a few inquiries on why Bernhard Langer’s putting stroke is not considered to be anchored. Rule 14-1b prohibits two actions during a stroke: 1) directly anchoring the club or a gripping hand against the body and 2) indirectly anchoring the club through the use of an anchor point created by holding a forearm in contact with any part of the body. For both actions, there is only a breach of this Rule if the player had the intention of either directly anchoring or creating an anchor point. Unintentionally brushing a hand or club against the body or clothing during a stroke does not constitute a breach of Rule 14-1b.

Bernhard Langer’s putting stroke is legal because (1) he has no intention of anchoring during the stroke and (2) he moves his left hand, putter grip and forearms away from his body during the execution of a putting stroke thus not having any contact with his body. Langer does anchor the club during a practice swing, but the Rules only prohibit anchoring during the actual stroke, not practice swings.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

And he still dominates!