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Palm Lake Golf Course

June 13, 2013

Rotational Core Work to Increase Power and Control in Your Swing
By Micah Golden-Grant M.Ed. CPT, Head Trainer at Body Dynamix, Tarzana

For all athletes, the core is the power center for the entire body. For golfers, this holds even more truth because of the powerful torque, or twist involved with swinging a club. Whether you are driving off the tee at long distance and needing explosive rotational power from your core, or chipping lightly at short distance and using a more controlled torque motion, development of core strength is crucial.

Besides this increase in driving power, shot control and overall performance, strengthening the core can fortify your body from lower back pain and injury. The following exercise is fantastic for developing rotational core strength as well as stabilizing the entire body to help your game and keep you strong and injury free.

The Prone Stability Ball Twist

Starting Position: Lie on a stability ball so that the ball is between your shoulder blades. Relax your neck, and keep your hips high (Actively keeping hips high will strengthen and stabilize your Gluts and Hamstrings as well as the target muscle, the Obliques). Fully extend your arms and hold your hands together directly above your chest, like in the picture below.

Keeping your hips high and squared up towards the ceiling, rotate your torso one direction so that one shoulder is now lying on the ball rather than your back. The ball will actually move under your body, and it will be up to your Obliques to catch you and not let you roll all the way off the ball! Hold this sideways position for one second and return slowly to starting position. Repeat twisting motion the other direction and continue to alternate throughout the set. HINT: The wider your feet, the easier this exercise gets. As your core strengthens, challenge yourself to keep your feet closer to make this exercise more effective.

You will want to do three sets of 10-15 twists each direction, three times per week. This can either be worked into another workout, or done on its own.

Micah Golden-Grant is the Head Performance Trainer at Body Dynamix Chiropractic and Performance, a sports medicine practice in Tarzana, Calif. A certified personal trainer and strength and conditioning specialist with a Masters Degree in Education, Micah specializes in sport specific performance training for athletes of all ages and all sports. Visit for info, contact, blog and more!

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