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SKIN Sunscreen: Keeping you safe and on the course year-round

November 10, 2016

The seasons are changing, but that doesn’t mean you should put away all of your summer essentials – sunscreen is just as important in these cooler-weather months as the rest of the year.

There are countless misperceptions about sun in the fall and winter: it’s not as strong, clothing protects you and skin is not susceptible to sun damage when it’s cloudy, just to name a few.

But not all of these are true, and keeping sunscreen in your daily routine all year long, especially when heading to the course, is vital to keeping your skin looking younger and staying safe from harmful cancer-causing rays.

According to physicians at Skin Medica, it is true that harmful UVB, or burning rays, are less destructive in the cooler months, though in California we all know December can bring an occasional 90 degree day.

But, UVB aside, UVA rays, the ones that enter cells, promote the breakdown of collagen and are linked to some forms of skin cancer, are just as strong in cooler weather, even on cloudy days, as in the dead heat of summer.

The only safe way to protect yourself from sun damage all year long is a vigilant sunscreen routine, using a product that protects from both UVA and UVB radiation.

SKIN Sunscreen, The Official Sunscreen Partner of the SCGA, is a great option for those hitting the links.

Made for golfers by golfers, SKIN sunscreen is formulated specifically for the golf course environment. It is both sweat and water resistant, which is essential for the humidity often encountered on the course. Additionally, its non-greasing composition makes it ideal for putting on skin that will be covered by clothing. SKIN Sunscreen’s lotion formula is guaranteed not to stain or discolor clothing.

“We feel applying sunscreen at the beginning of the day is as crucial as brushing your teeth,” says Jessica Folino, partner and general manager for SKIN Sunscreen. “Sunscreen should be part of a daily wellness and lifestyle routine, whether you are going for a walk, heading out to work or spending the day on the golf course.”

Based on research compiled by Sun SafeTee, a website dedicated to educating golfers about sun exposure, the average cotton shirt only protects you from UVA rays to the strength of a SPF-8 sunscreen, which is far lower than the recommended SPF-30 protection.

If you can see light shine through the garment, your skin is still receiving UV radiation. With SoCal’s nearly perfect weather, you are likely always wearing a garment light enough to allow this kind of exposure.

Skin cancer is disproportionally present in avid golfers and the earlier you choose to start a daily sunscreen routine, the more likely you are to avoid this disease.

Isn’t taking a few minutes out of each morning to apply sunscreen worth a lifetime of enjoyment on the golf course?

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