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Member Spotlight: Mark Loftus

May 21, 2014

Known to some as the double eagle, an albatross is a score of 3-under on a par-5 hole. To accomplish this feat, it means a golfer’s second shot typically has to average more than 200 yards to the green and find its way into the hole. It’s pretty safe to call an albatross one of the rarest shots in golf.

SCGA member Mark Loftus knows how it feels to make that shot, twice. In 2013, Loftus was playing in his club’s Member-Guest Tournament at El Camino CC in Oceanside. On the par-5 16th hole, Loftus’ partner hit his second shot to eight feet from the hole, leaving Loftus with a chance to do a little better.

“I was 213 yards out and just wanted to get it as close as possible,” he said. “I couldn’t believe it went in!”

The Southern California native, who has been a member of El Camino for six years, has been playing golf for about 15 years and has an impressive 4.0 Handicap Index. This March, Loftus was playing in his club’s Member-Member Tournament and was in good shape to win the event. His team was in the lead heading into the par-5 5th.

“I was 221 yards out and my partner hit his second shot in good position,” said Loftus. “I just wanted to hit the middle of the green and split the two front bunkers.” So he took out his 2-hybrid and swung hard. “I had no idea that it went in until we were up at the green!”

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