Meet Jason Knybel

Asst. Director, Marketing

Jason develops and implements a broad-based marketing program to support the SCGA’s business goals and objectives, specifically membership growth and retention. A member of the SCGA’s Communications & Marketing committee for seven years, Jason came to the SCGA with unique and extensive experience in the golf landscape. While at the Los Angeles office of the international media agency OMD, he served as the account director for Callaway Golf, where he was responsible for the brand’s strategic planning, research and media strategy. There, Jason supported product launches, online programs, content distribution partnerships and event sponsorships.

Why sports and specifically marketing?

I have always been a firm believer that media and marketing is part art and part science. Throughout my career I have had the opportunity to be both creative and analytical, using each to define the story, create the story and deliver the story. On top of that, I have been fortunate to do it all working in the sports category. Having played, coached and been a fan of sports throughout my life, the opportunity to combine passion with my career has been a tremendous opportunity.

What is your dream golf foursome?

Outside of the chance to play with a four-generation foursome of my son, myself, my dad and grandpa, I would line up the guys below and have a great day:

Mr. Arnold Palmer: Trendsetter, business mogul, champion and gentleman. It would have been an honor just to have met him.

George Strait: Hopefully I would be able to get the King of Country to sing a few of his hits as we walk the fairways.

Samuel L. Jackson: He’s the baddest man in Hollywood and he loves the game. I’m sure he has some amazing stories that I would hopefully be able to coax out of him.

Contact Jason Knybel at: [email protected].