Meet Geri Deck

Asst. Director, Member Services

Geri came to the SCGA in October of 2007 after almost 12 years at the Women’s Southern California Golf Association where she started in the Handicap Department before working her way up to Executive Assistant. In that capacity, she worked with senior SCGA staff when the association transitioned to the GHIN system for its handicap vendor. Geri currently works as one of the trainers for the monthly Handicap Certification classes as well as creates the monthly Handicap Chair newsletters.

What do you see as the benefits of having a Handicap Index?

"I believe the greatest benefit is the ability each player has to take that Handicap Index anywhere and play with anyone on an equitable basis and to follow their progress from revision to revision. I enjoy teaching the Handicap Certification classes because I know I am contributing to the knowledge and understating of our Handicap Chairs, who are vital to our clubs. Without our Handicaps Chairs, we cannot issue Handicap Indexes."

What is your favorite golf memory?

"I had never played golf until I started in the industry. The first time I heard the ball hit the “sweet spot” on the club and the ball actually went straight was a huge thrill! I’m sorry to say those sounds are few and far between, but I’m trying to have more “fun” instead of more “work” on the golf course!

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