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Reminders for SCGA Membership Billing

  1. Use Club Billing and Roster Management (Golf Nations) to manage the club’s roster and to view monthly bill statements (DO NOT USE GHIN).
  2. Monthly bill statement notifications are sent the first of every month and reflect activity from the prior month (ex. Nov. 30 bill statement reflects November activity through the last day of the month). For more information, refer to the Billing Quick Start guide here.
  3. Bill statement notifications are emailed to the club’s billing contact although all club admins can view account balances, bill statements and payment activity.
  4. Review the club’s Roster and sort members by subscription end date (click on header titled “Subscription End Date” and members will chronologically appear in order of their end date).
  5. If members pay the club directly by cash or check before their subscription end date, set the Rollover for those members to ON ASAP which extends their membership for 12 months and stops the renewal emails or prepay for the member (go to PREPAY Header) which will also end the renewal messaging.
  6. Nothing further needs to be done for members who are not renewing if their Rollover is set to OFF. They will become inactive one day after their subscription end date.
  7. Former members who wish to re-join the club can be activated from the “Inactive” roster of members by clicking on the gear symbol to the right of Inactive under the column “Status”; alternatively these same people can be activated by the prepay for the member option (go to PREPAY Header) clicking the checkbox for the relevant member(s) and then paying for them via credit card.
  8. If you accidentally renewed a member that should not have been renewed and were billed for that member, you can simply inactivate that member with the following credit policy: Inactivate within 30 days: 100% credit for SCGA dues (normally $36); Inactivate 31-60 days: 50% credit for SCGA dues; Inactivate 61 days or more after being on a bill statement: no credit for SCGA dues.
    *The system will automatically credit the club if the member appears on the bill statement and is listed as unpaid.
  9. For further information, click here.