Paying Club Dues

Bill Statement FAQs

Q: Will a club receive printed statements in the mail?
A: No, the club billing contact receive an email when a new bill statement is generated with a link to view it online in the SCGA Admin Portal (requires login)

Q: How does a club become aware of its balance?
A: The club billing contact will receive an email on the first of each month which will include the club's balance. In addition, all club officials who have been given access to the SCGA Admin Portal for the club can log in and view the balance, the bill statement and its details. This includes access to previous bill statements.

Q: Can a club pay its balance by sending a check to the SCGA?
A: Yes. The SCGA address is on the billing statement.

Q: Can a club pay its balance by credit card?
A: Yes, a club can pay its balance using a credit card through the SCGA Admin Portal. When a club owes the SCGA money, the club's admin will see a “Make a Payment” button on the Account Balance page. Click the button to make a payment. The maximum credit card payment that will be accepted is $10,000. At this time there are no fees associated with paying a balance by credit card; however, the SCGA reserves the right to modify this policy, especially for large credit card payments.

Q: What credit card types can be used to pay the club's balance?
A: Visa and MasterCard only.

Q: Is the credit card information secure?
A: Yes. You will notice the https:// in the URL bar on the Administration Portal. This industry standard Secure Socket Layer encrypts all information you submit on the page, including your credit card number.

Q: Can a club pay its bill by an electronic check from its bank account?
A: No, the SCGA does not offer this type of electronic payment service.
Q: Can a club print out its bill statement?
A: Yes. When viewing the statement, you'll see a View as PDF button in the upper right-hand side of the screen. Click the button to view and/or print a pdf of your bill statement.

Q: Can the club change its administrators who access the SCGA Admin Portal?
A: An existing club administrator with log-in credentials can add or delete club administrators through the Admins section of the Administration Portal. The SCGA does not need to be involved in these changes. Note, all club administrators have full access to all features of the administration portal.

Q: If a club administrator wants to change their username or password to the Administration Portal, can this be done?
A: A username cannot be changed. Passwords can be changed by the user when logged in using the edit profile feature.

Q: Are there any billing email notifications sent?
A: Yes, the person identified in the admin portal as the club billing contact email will be sent an email notification in three scenarios:
1) Each month when a new bill statement is generated showing the balance;
2) Each time the SCGA posts a check payment made by the club;
3) When the SCGA generates a check for the club to offset a credit balance (see next question).
Q: If a club allows its members to pay online via the Membership Commerce Portal, what happens to the club portion of the dues?
A: The club portion of dues collected is credited to the account and integrated into the bill statement balance. See the bill statement example available at:
Q: If a club has a credit balance on a statement, will the SCGA automatically send the club a check?
A: No. Recognizing that in most cases there will be an ebb and flow between a club owing the SCGA money and the SCGA owing a club money (for clubs that allow their individual members
to pay online), the following will apply: Any club with a credit balance on a bill statement of $200 or more will automatically be sent a check for the credit balance amount. If a club desires
to receive a check for smaller credit balances, please contact the SCGA to arrange this.
Q: Now that our club is using the Admin Portal to access it bill statements, does this mean we are required to use the online Membership Commerce Portal that allows golfers to pay their dues online?
A: No. While these products both use the same platform, a club is not required to offer the option for its members to pay dues online. Members can continue to pay clubs as they have in the past.
Q: There is a payment status in the Admin Portal roster. What does this mean?
A: This is in relation to SCGA dues. The paid status will protect a member identified as active from paying online a second time for dues for an existing membership/subscription or for the club from trying to pay for someone who is paid up for the existing subscription/membership.
Q: We understand that it is important to track our individual members’ SCGA dues payment. How do we identify which members we are paying for?
A: If the club pays by check for less than the full amount of the balance due, it should identify which golfers it is paying for with something in writing. If the club pays by check for less than
the full balance due and does not identify which golfers it is paying for, then the SCGA will default the payment to those members who have been identified as unpaid for the longest time.
If the club pays by credit card and does not choose to pay the full balance due, it will be presented with a list of unpaid golfers and can “postpone” payment for those golfers.
The “postpone” action will decrease the amount that the system thinks that the club is paying for at that time.
Q: What does Prepay mean in connection with the billing platform?
A: If a club collects membership money from its members in advance of being billed by the SCGA for members, it has the capacity to pay in advance, or “Prepay.” If the club chooses to use a credit card for this, it can use the prepay section of the admin portal. This also can be used to immediately pay for and activate a golfer who has previously been on a club’s roster but is currently inactive. Also, nothing precludes a club from sending in a check to prepay for members not yet billed, yet if a club does this, it should identify which members it is paying for in writing in some manner.
Q: Is there any sort of credit procedure to the club available for erroneous actions made by the club or its members?
A: Yes. For any golfer who is entered manually by a club official, the following policy applies once the member appears on the bill statement and is listed as unpaid:
- Inactivate within 30 days: 100% credit for SCGA dues (normally $36);
- Inactivate 31-60 days: 50% credit for SCGA dues;
- Inactivate 61 days or more after being on a bill statement: no credit for SCGA dues.
To facilitate this action, the golfer must be inactivated. A club can inactivate a golfer from the Admin Portal Roster by clicking on the gear next to the golfer’s status. Inactivation can also be accomplished in the Admin Portal when trying to pay a bill via credit card. Just click the “deactivate” button next to the golfer’s name while on the payment screen. The credit, if eligible, will be applied automatically after the golfer is inactivated. You do not need call the SCGA to facilitate this credit action, just inactivate the golfer.
Q: Is there any sort of credit or refund procedure to the club available for erroneous actions made by members who paid for their dues online using the SCGA provided Club Membership Commerce Portal?
A: Yes. If either the club or the golfer contacts the SCGA about a problematic transaction and desires a refund of the transaction, the same timeline will apply as above in relation to the bill
statement in which the golfer is acknowledged. This also applies if a club has previously paid for a member:
- Inactivate within 30 days: 100% credit for SCGA and club dues paid;
- Inactivate 31-60 days: 50% credit for SCGA and club dues;
- Inactivate 61 days or more after being on a bill statement: no credit for SCGA or club dues.
- Because the golfer is identified as paid in this scenario, this does require contacting the SCGA.
Q: When logging into the SCGA Admin Portal, there is reference to “Golf Nations.” What is that?
A: Golf Nations is the name used to identify a suite of products that the SCGA and some other state and regional golf associations have contracted with a third party to develop.
To access your club, after logging in, please click on “Club Services” and then the name of the club(s) in which you are an admin should appear for access.
Q: Is any of the membership related information available through GHIN and its GHP Online Club program?
A: Very little. We STRONGLY encourage clubs to use the Administration Portal for most of their membership activity and to monitor the payment activity. GHIN is meant to address scoring and handicap information, as well as when a club wants to generate a report of its members contact information and/or handicap-related reports. Otherwise membership items should be addressed via the SCGA Admin Portal.