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Membership Renewal: What To Know!

Membership Renewal - it is that time for many of your members. The following offer some important details about the renewal process:

  • Members of your club are scheduled to receive email notifications 60, 30 and 7 days in advance of their membership expiring if the member has an email address in the SCGA database. The 60 day reference is known as the beginning of that member’s “renewal window.”
  • Renewal messaging goes out to members of all clubs, regardless of whether they allow online payment through the SCGA Commerce Portal or not. If the club uses the commerce portal, the messaging directs the member to that specific club’s portal; if the club does not use the commerce portal the message refers the member to the name and email address of what is listed in the Settings section of the SCGA Admin Portal For Club Contact Name and Club Contact email.

  • If a club does not want renewal messaging to go to its members it needs to go to the SCGA Admin Portal, go to Settings section and uncheck “Send Automated notices to our members during renewal window” or contact the SCGA and we will do this. Remember that in most cases, members have differing membership/subscription end dates and the automated SCGA generated communication is the easiest way to let the system tell your members when it is time to consider renewal.
  • Action to take if a member pays the club directly/manually by cash or check so that the SCGA knows that the member has renewed. Please click HERE to understand the “rollover” setting, as it is important! In short, if member pays the club manually/directly before the subscription end date, then change the Rollover setting to ON in the Roster section of the SCGA Admin Portal for that member. This stops the member from getting automated SCGA email messaging regarding renewal during this particular “renewal window.” One day after the existing subscription end date listed in the roster that member’s membership is “rolled over” and extended for another 365 days. The club is then billed for that member on the next generated bill statement.
    1. For clubs that offer online payment through the SCGA Commerce Portal, the member will not be able to pay online prior to the 60 day renewal window opening. A member trying to pay prior to the start of that window will ultimately receive a message of “already a member of this club.”
  • Reactivating members who are currently inactive in your club, but used to be members of your club. Click HERE for a quick understanding. Use the Roster section of the SCGA Admin Portal and change the drop-down status filter to “inactive." Click the gear icon in the status column for the member so that it changes to “active.” Do NOT issue this person a new GHIN number.
  • A golfer should have only one GHIN number. If you are manually adding golfers to your roster who have never been part of your club, either obtain the GHIN number from the member, or if that is not possible, when asked in the Add Golfer section of the Roster whether the individual already has a GHIN number say that you don’t know and then do a search. Search results will show the last four digits of a GHIN number and the name of the club the golfer has bene affiliated with at some point in time. If you want assistance to confirm this, please contact the SCGA office. If a golfer ever ends up with more than one GHIN number, please contact the SCGA ASAP and provide us with both numbers and we will correct this. This minimizes billing issues and email communication issues.

For more information on revolving (12-month) membership renewal, click HERE.