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Managing Your Roster: Rollover Explained

Watch the video below for a quick tutorial on what this button means and how it affects their membership.

Clubs need to use the SCGA Admin Portal to address continuation of membership, NOT GHIN. In the Roster Tab, each member has a rollover status. In general, this setting is defaulted to off (see below) for all members of a club. Read below to understand how the function works and when to set your individual members rollover status to "on" or "off."


  • If it has been three months since the member was on the monthly bill statement (revolving clubs).
  • If the member has indicated they will not be returning after their membership/subscription end date.
  • If member has not paid the club for next membership subscription period.


  • If you want your members to continue to rollover over after their membership period ends
  • If your member has paid the club for the next subscription period (club will be billed when end date passes)
Did You Know?
If a club inactivates a member within 30 days of being on a billing statement, the club will be credited the full $36 SCGA membership dues; if inactivated within 60 days, the club will be credited $18 SCGA membership dues; over 60 days, no credit will be issued.

if a club wants the default to be that members are continuing (Rollover defaults to ON) AND is willing to be financially responsible for members who do not renew, please contact the SCGA and we can modify the settings. If a club takes this option, no credits are available once the golfer is listed on a bill statement.