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SCGA Membership - Frequently Asked Questions

Can a club start offering the online join/renew feature at any time or does it have to be started at year-end?

Who is responsible for providing the club information to the SCGA to get started?

Can the club ever change any information?

What credit card types can be used on the membership portal?

Are there any fees to the club or individual for participating in this?

Who at the club gets notified that a member has joined or renewed online through the membership portal?

How often is the club contact notified via email?

If a club uses the portal, can that club then pay its SCGA invoice/statement amount via credit card?

Does the new member learn about who to contact at the club?

Does the club have to input member information into the GHIN database via via a USGA tool?

How quickly does a new member receive an SCGA/GHIN number?

How does the club learn of the profile information entered during the process so that it can contact its new member?

Is the credit card information secure?

Can an existing member update his or her contact information so that our club has the best possible information to use?

Can a former member of our club, who is now inactive, again become a member of our club using the online commerce tool/portal?

Is there both a join and a renew capability and do we have to use both?

Our club has one membership type that includes all of our tournaments and another membership type that does not include tournament eligibility. Can we use the online membership portal for both membership types?

Can we charge one fee for first-time members, a different fee for renewing members up to a certain date, a different fee for renewing members after a certain date and another fee for those who actually let their memberships expire with the commerce portal?

We charge juniors and seniors different fees than other members. Can that membership portal accommodate this?

Do all of our members have to participate in auto-renewal?

Is there an auto-renewal membership option with this program?

Do members who sign up for auto-renewal have the ability to opt-out of this feature later?

If a club inactivates a member who is scheduled for auto-renewal, will the auto-renewal charge go through?

When will auto-renewal take place for a member?

If a member does not choose the auto-renewal feature while joining or renewing a membership, but decides that auto-renewal makes sense, can a change be made regarding participation?

Will a club have to address inactivation dates or anything similar for a golfer who is set up for auto-renewal?

If a member signs up for auto-renewal, but opts out via either the four or two-week emails, will the club have to do anything to inactivate the golfer?

Can a member scheduled for auto-renewal actually inactivate membership online?

If our club wants to change its membership prices for a new year, and a golfer is scheduled for auto-renewal, what should be done?

SCGA Clubs Agree: SCGA Tools make their lives easier!

"I would recommend that every club use the [SCGA] online portal... It just makes life so much easier."

Bill Fennessy - President
Altadena Golf Club

"In 4 months, we added 95 new members [from the Associate Member Network], so we’re really happy with the program."

Mike McMonegal - President
Lakewood Men’s Golf Club

“The SCGA has done a great job rolling out and implementing this new membership program.”

Shorecliffs Men's Golf CLub

"Almost all of our new members are coming in online...If you don't provide easy access, you're not going to get members."

David Hamdorf - Vice President
San Clemente Men's Golf CLub

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