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What is the GPS Feature? When will it be added to the GHIN Mobile App?

The USGA is working on integrating GPS within the GHIN Mobile App. This will include Course Maps that allow the user to get touch-point GPS distances to anywhere on the course and distance to the center of the green for thousands of courses worldwide.

They will add a new flow for users to "Play with GPS" where they can enter/post their hole-by-hole score while using GPS features & viewing the Course Map. These features will also be made available to golfers who have gone down the "Post Score" flow when posting a hole-by-hole score or hole-by-hole score with stats. Additionally, users can also "preview" a course or use these features outside of playing/posting.
The USGA is looking to add this feature in an App update in mid-July. For a detailed overview of the upcoming offering, click here.