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Welcome To The World Handicap System

It's a new day in the world of golf. Here's a couple reminders as it pertains to club administration:

  • Those who had a subscription end date of 12/31/19 and rollover ON are to be part of the Jan. 31 bill statement. They can be seen in the unbilled activity. If you made an error and left someone with rollover ON who should have been inactivated, you can inactivate them before they appear on your Jan. 31 bill statement. And if they happen to have been on your club's Dec. 31 bill statement you can inactivate them in January and be credited the full $36. Note: If you looked at your roster between Jan. 1 and 6 you may have noticed that rollovers were not processed. This was in conjunction with GHIN being down so the SCGA waited until GHIN came back up to facilitate those rollovers.
  • When adding a new golfer to a club's roster, there is a new requirement of providing a UNIQUE email address. This does not apply to already existing golfers who are coming to your club from another club. As always, golfers should only have one GHIN number regardless of how many clubs they belong to.
  • For golfers who have a handicap in Canada or a U.S. Association that does not use the GHIN service and who are also members of your club, please provide the SCGA with their Golf Canada ID or other Association I.D. the golfer's name, the golfer's email address and the other association name in which they are members - and their GHIN number through your club. There is an updated procedure that the SCGA can accomplish that will link accounts and scores. This replaces what was called the International Golf Network (IGN). However, any member who was previously linked account wise under the IGN remains linked.
  • The USGA Admin Portal is to be used for reporting and Index/Score related issues only. Membership and Billing is ALL done through the SCGA Admin Portal (Golf Nations).

For further information, please visit our WHS Hub - the one-stop shop for the key changes and what you need to know as this system is now live!