USGA’s Unique Email Address Requirement

The USGA will be migrating existing data into the new GHIN platform. As part of this migration, if it sees an email address that is being shared by two different GHIN numbers (example: spouses sharing the same email address) the email address will be stripped from both numbers, resulting in the removal of this email address in the database. To minimize the impact on SCGA members, we are reaching out via email directly to the duplicated email addresses, asking members to provide a unique email address for each GHIN number.

Upon implementation of the new GHIN platform, in cases where there is no email address for a member, including those email addresses stripped because of duplication, the member will be limited in the ways he or she can post scores. Upon new GHIN platform introduction, existing SCGA members WITHOUT a unique email address will only be allowed to post via the posting station at courses, known as the GHP Golfer kiosk. They will not have access to the mobile app or online posting ( or The unique email address will be required to create a digital profile which will be used to access the mobile app and

For club officials, the new GHIN platform will require a unique email address when adding a “new golfer.” As many of you have seen in the SCGA Admin Portal and the SCGA eCommerce Portal, this requirement is already in place and if you edit the golfer’s profile (address, phone number, etc.), you will be required to provide an email address for the golfer to save the information. Existing members WITHOUT a unique email address will be migrated over to the new GHIN platform, yet as noted earlier, will only be allowed to post via the course GHP Golfer kiosk/club posting station. They will not have access to the mobile app or online posting. In addition, without an email address, the bi-weekly eRevisions are not delivered, SCGA Member Benefit coupon codes (Roger Dunn and UnderPar at this point in time) are not delivered, etc. Bottom line, a unique email address unlocks many features and benefits.

One minor exception to the unique email address requirement: a golfer age 12 and under does not have to have an email address, and if they do have an email address it can be one that is shared between an adult guardian and the child golfer. This is in accordance with The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). Designation of “guardian” will come in the new GHIN platform.