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Updating Member Contact Information

As of Tuesday, April 5, all members over the age of 12 will be required to have a unique email address. As this is a Handicapping requirement, we want to provide specific details and information on the impact across GHIN Products and how you can prepare for this change.

Golf Nations Club Billing and Roster Management - USGA Admin Portal:

The following actions will prompt an Admin to add a unique email address:

The following actions can still be performed without this requirement:

  • Posting a score for the golfer
  • Merging/unmerging the golfer

Golfer Products:

As and the GHIN Mobile App already require a unique email address to create a Digital Profile and access those products, the impact is minimal as Guardians will still be able to post scores for the golfers tied to their profile. Additionally, golfers without an email address will still be able to access and post scores on the Kiosk.

Guardians can currently add an email address for their non-minor golfer within the “My Profile” section of the GHIN Mobile App and when accessing the product as that golfer.

Note: There is no change to the Digital Profile/golfer login requirement, meaning that a unique email address is still needed to create a Digital Profile.

How to Prepare:

Please work with your members to add this information for these golfers.

To help you determine the golfers who do not have an email address, there are two ways under the Roster tab in Golf Nations:

  1. Any member without an email icon does not have an email address listed under their profile;
  2. Export your roster and identify any member without an email address listed.

If you have any questions, please contact the SCGA at [email protected].