Tournament Management

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TM Club Training

Major changes to the TM Club system are being implemented! Both TM Club and TM Club Premium are available for you to manage your events and leagues..

Every three weeks we will present seminars here at the SCGA Offices. These will cover both introductory and more advanced subjects.

If you are new to the system, TM Club Introduction classes will cover TM Club and Club Premium, give you an overview of their functions and get you ready to train on and install the system.

Additionally. we also have more focused webinars to delve into specific subjects! See below for the upcoming schedule:

SCGA Seminars: (Held every third Wednesday. Reservations Required.)

Date Location
5/9 SCGA Office Register
5/30 SCGA Office Register

Online Webinars:

Date Topic
5/2 Using Quick Event Setup Register
5/3 Setting Up your Club Defaults Register
5/7 Introduction to TM Club Register
5/8 TM Club Scorecards Register
5/14 Customizing your Apps Register
5/16 Using Divisions/Flights/Teams Register
5/22 Seasons & Season Points Register