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Tell Your Club’s Story

In an effort to promote your club to Southern California golfers, the SCGA is collecting club testimonials. These testimonials will be featured on your club’s listing on SCGA Club Finder and offer potential members the opportunity to hear from your current members about what makes your golf club community great.

Before we send this request to members, we wanted to give club officials the first opportunity to contact their members to provide positive feedback.

A few important notes about testimonials:

  • All submissions will be reviewed by the SCGA before being posted on the site and we plan to focus on positive feedback
  • You will always reserve the right to request a testimonial be removed from your club’s listing
  • The goal of this program is to convince non-members to join your club through a positive testimonial–it is not a commenting board, yelp review or forum
  • The more positive reviews you obtain from your members, the more members you will likely receive from interested golfers researching your club!

To collect testimonials for your club, simply send this form to your members:

SCGA Club Testimonials

Testimonials are expected to go live on Club Finder in April 2021, so make sure to get submissions in ASAP. Also, this is a great time to check your listing on Club Finder to make sure that your club’s information is up to date.

If you have any questions or comments about the testimonials, or need to update your Club Finder listing, please contact Kevin Greenup at [email protected].