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Setting Up A GHIN Profile: Step-By-Step

Golfers accessing or the USGA GHIN mobile app to post scores or check their index, must create a GHIN Digital Profile. One requirement in creating a Digital Profile is that a golfer must have a unique email address listed on their GHIN account prior to the creation of their profile. Any communication to create a Digital Profile or verify their account will be sent to the email address that is listed on their GHIN account. Once a Digital Profile is created for the player, they will have the ability to edit their contact information (such as email address, home address, and phone number).

The first step is to find the golfer’s profile in the USGA Admin Portal and add or edit their email address. Proceed to the Account tab for that player and click Edit inside the Basic Information section.

You will then be able to enter the player’s email address in the email section and click Save.

Once entered, the club official can click the “Send Invitation to Create A Digital Profile” and an email will be sent to the address that is listed that will allow the player to complete the Digital Profile creation process.

The club official also has the ability to assist the golfer by generating a Digital Profile Creation Link. Once an email address has been added, click on “Generate Digital Profile Creation link” and a pop up will appear with a link that will only be valid for 24 hours. The club official may copy and paste that link into a new tab and enter a password for the golfer.

Another requirement is that an email address cannot be shared by multiple GHIN users. For example, if a husband and wife share an email address, whomever creates their Digital Profile first using that email address will “claim” that address as theirs and the other user will have to provide a different email address. If a golfer is attempting to enter an email address that is already linked to another GHIN account, there will be an error message that will state the email address is already in use and a different email address will need to be entered.