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Membership Renewal Updates

During late June and early July the SCGA was doing some technology work that temporarily and inadvertently had some membership repercussions. The key issues were:

1) Golfers with Rollover ON settings were inadvertently being inactivated in the USGA Admin Portal, which ultimately caused them to be inactive everywhere. Those impacted have been restored to active membership;
2) Golfers completing Free Trials were inadvertently being inactivated at the completion of their trials instead of automatically processing to become paid members. Those impacted were reactivated and had their trials converted to paid memberships (subject to successful credit card processing) after the trial was completed. In some cases this may have been two or three weeks after the trial finished.

In addition, during the process of a win-back campaign, the SCGA inadvertently notified nearly 5,100 members of an expired membership via FORE Magazine. We created a message to those affected by this oversight and sent them a follow-up communication.

You can view that message here.

We apologize for any inconvenience and confusion that these errors may have caused you and your members.