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How to Handle Canadian Golfers

If you have club members who have dual membership with the SCGA and Golf Canada, the member can have their records linked so that scores flow in both directions regardless of where and how it's posted. The score will only need to be posted once and this will only work for those who are members of both organizations.

This will only apply to scores posted after the linking is complete; it does not retroactively sync scoring records.

Here's how to link Golf Canada IDs and SCGA

  1. Obtain your member's Golf Canada Network ID (6-7 digits), not the Golf Canada Membership number. If the member cannot provide a Golf Canada Network ID, the member will need to provide the name of the club and province and we will have Golf Canada provide it to us.
  2. Contact the SCGA at with the member's GHIN number and the Golf Canada Network ID and request linking.
  3. The SCGA will contact Golf Canada to complete the link and will reach back out to you once the link has been completed.