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How Golf Clubs Can Help Oppose AB1910

As expected, Assembly Member Cristina Garcia (D-Bell Gardens) has refiled most of the contents of the AB 672 iteration that died in Appropriations in January. The title is the same; however, the author is calling it the following: “Incentivize Conversion: Accessible Open Space & Affordable Housing.” We're still calling it what it is - The Public Golf Endangerment Act. The new number is 1910. To read it online click here. To read a PDF version of it click here.

AB 1910 is in its gestation period through March 14; that is, no action can be taken until then. But after March 14 the “action” promises to be fast and furious – the 1st phase of the “action” that is. That phase: Hearings before the two Assembly policy committees of reference (Housing & Community Development and Local Government).

Golf clubs can have an outsized impact upon that 1st phase by filing letters with those two committees. But in order to do so they must act quickly! That’s why SCGA has made it easy. Click here to access the simple form letter that SCGA has prepared for your club to execute. Because the process for filing formal committee letters is a convoluted one, SCGA will handle the filing for you. E-mail signed, executed letters to [email protected]. SCGA Public Affairs will make sure your club’s letter gets to the committees in time to be impactful.