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Guardian Management

All golfers 12 and under need a Guardian Management account created in USGA Admin Portal and the Guardian’s Digital Profile is what will be used for score posting access as of January 11. Without this as of that date the only means to post a score would be for an Admin to Post in USGA Admin Portal. This will impact and GHIN Mobile App score posting. Minors 12 years of age and under will no longer be able to post scores at course kiosks/computers as of January 11, with or without the Guardian Management and Guardian’s Digital Profile in place. All golfers 13 and older with email addresses on record with SCGA will receive a communication on the 11th positioning for creation of a Digital Profile. As part of this, email addresses for those 12 and under will no longer be collected and if they exist today they will be eliminated from USGA and SCGA records. The key step to be taken BEFORE January 11 in regard to golfers age 12 and under is to create a Guardian Management account.

Under the golfers profile in USGA Admin portal, the Guardian Management is under the Account tab: