Renewal Processes

General Renewal Questions for Revolving Clubs

Q: Will our members be notified about the need to renew?

A: YES. Each active member with an email address in their SCGA Admin Portal profile will receive automated notifications starting approximately sixty days before their subscription end date. The notification will have a link for them to choose that goes directly to their profile page in connection with the specific club in which they are a member. Using the link provided in these emails best positions the member to renew online. If no action is taken by the member, supplemental emails will be sent thirty and seven days before the subscription end date and one and thirty days after(if) a membership lapses. When the member completes a membership transaction, this stops the member from receiving renewal notifications in connection with this membership, until the next sixty days before subscription end date cycle begins.

Q: How does our membership know that membership messaging is from the SCGA and is legitimate vs. from some other group.
A: All these emails come from: SCGA Member Services info@membership.scga.org
Subject in 60 day: “Your Club Account Is Now Up For Renewal”
Subject in 30 day: “Hurry Your Access Ends Soon”
Subject in 7 day: “[Club Name] Member: You Only Have 7 Days
Subject in 1 day lapsed: Club Member Account: Now Expired
Subject in 30 day lapsed: Over 170 Reasons To Return Now”
Q: When our club wants to address members who are not renewing, what needs to be done?
A: First and foremost, go to the SCGA Admin Portal https://membership.scga.org/wp-login.php ONLY. In the roster section, subscription end dates and rollover status are key. In general, like most subscription/membership models NOTHING must be done if a member is not renewing. The program is defaulted to a setting of rollover OFF, which means that one day after the existing subscription end date that the membership will not roll over and will then automatically become inactive.
Q: If a member wants to renew "early", can this be done online through the commerce portal?
A: If early means more than sixty days before the subscription end date the answer is no. The renewal window for each membership begins sixty days before the subscription end date. If a member went to the commerce portal and tried to renew membership specific to a club, they would get to a point where they would see a message saying, "You've already joined this club."
Q: If a member renews by manually giving our club money before their subscription end date, how do we renew their membership for them?
A: If you go to the SCGA Admin Portal roster, you can set the rollover status for the member to ON, which will then extend the subscription end date/ membership. This update will take place one day after the existing subscription end date and will ultimately result in the club being charged SCGA dues for the member. Alternatively, if in the sixty-day renewal window, the club could choose to prepay the SCGA dues for this member by going to the Prepay tab, picking the member and having the club pay SCGA dues online by credit card.