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Five Most Important World Handicap System Changes

Since 1981, GHIN has been the official Handicap System of the USGA and now serves over 70 state, regional, and national associations. However, it's currently one of six handicapping systems worldwide, so the USGA has partnered with other associations to create a unified system for players around the world to play together: the World Handicap System.

With the World Handicap System, which will go into effect in 2020, there will be some changes from the current GHIN platform. We've got you covered with the most important changes:
1. Stay up to date daily
Under the current GHIN system, your Handicap Index is only updated twice per month, on the 1st and 15th. With the World Handicap System, you'll receive an updated Index the day after posting a score.

2. Get your Handicap Index established sooner
Not only do you not have to wait until the next revision date to get an updated Handicap Index, but it also will take less rounds to establish an Index. All you need to get started with the World Handicap System is to post 54 holes (three 18-hole rounds, six 9-hole rounds, or any combination of those that equals 54 holes), down from the current 90 holes. The World Handicap System will also count the 8 best scores of your most recent 20 rounds (or an equivalent if you have less than 20 scores) instead of the 10 best scores.

3. Keep your scores lower
Tired of having a snowman on a par-3 ruin your round? The World Handicap System will have a maximum hole score of net double bogey in order to keep your score closer to your true playing potential.

4. Blame it on the weather
We've all had a round (or ten) that would've been better if it wasn't raining or less windy or cooler or...you get it. The new system will consider the impact of daily course or weather conditions on each golfer’s performance and adjust your handicap accordingly.

5. A Handicap Index for everyone
One of the goals of the World Handicap System is to introduce more golfers to the concept of utilizing a Handicap Index, especially golfers who are new to the game. As such, the maximum Handicap Index will raise from 36.4 for men and 40.4 for women to 54 for both men and women.
Want to learn more about the changes with the World Handicap System and how to prepare your club? Sign up for one of our World Handicap System seminars.