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Faster, Better, and Easier Tournament Management

You run a lot of tournaments (mostly by hand!). What if your job could be MUCH, MUCH easier?

Built with input from thousands of golf clubs and professionals, USGA TM is the best tournament management product available today. It makes your job EASY, allowing for communication, registration, and administration of all tournament duties with the click of a few buttons. Best of all, as an SCGA Member Club Official, this game-changing solution is FREE to you. Yes, totally FREE.

Here's SIX Reasons to activate your FREE USGA TM account today:

Top reasons to activate your account:
  1. Round Sign Ups: Eliminate registration by paper, phone, or email and save time with custom online registration forms.
  2. Extensive Tournament Formats: USGA TM offers a wide variety of formats and competitions. From simple events to complex multi-day tournaments and everything in between.
  3. Beautiful Printed Tournament Materials: Add a professional touch with fully customizable scorecards, cart signs, scoreboards, and more.
  4. Lightening Fast Reports/Results: Generate any report you need in seconds, design your own reports, or select from a library of reports created by our user community.
    1. Check out example reports - Click HERE.
  5. It’s 100% FREE: The price of TM Club is included as a club member of the Southern California Golf Association!
  6. Accessible Everywhere: USGA TM is cloud-based software, so it’s always on and accessible wherever you happen to be. When you need help, our comprehensive online Knowledge Base is just a click away and our product support experts are available 24/7.


Join Jeremy Pitt, the SCGA's Director of Club Services and Tyler Cope, Golf Genius Account Manager - West Region for a fun and informative webinar Aug. 13 at 6 p.m. to learn more about making your tournaments (and your life) easier to manage!