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Altadena Golf Club is using the SCGA commerce portal — you should too!

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SCGA eCommerce Portal

An SCGA platform that provides fast, easy online signup and renewal for your club. No more roster hassle! Get It Now

See How the SCGA Can Help You Build Your Membership!

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Club Marketing

The SCGA promotes club membership 365 days a year through hundreds of marketing channels. Promote Your Club

Lakewood gained almost 100 new members as part of the Associate Member Network Progrm.

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Associate Member Network

An SCGA platform that provides fast, easy online signup and renewal to current and potential club members. Join the AMN

Making tournament management quick and easy!

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Tournament Managment

USGA Tournament Management Club (TM Club) promises less work and superior results for tournament managers who organize and run golf tournaments Get It For Your Club
300 Clubs Using SCGA Tools
67000 Online Join/Renewals
1907123 Distributed to Clubs Last Year

I would recommend that every club use the [SCGA] online portal... It just makes life so much easier.

Bill FennessyPresident, Altadena Golf Club

In 4 months, we added 95 new members [from the Associate Member Network], so we’re really happy with the program.

Mike McMonegalPresident, Lakewood Men’s Golf Club

Almost all of our new members are coming in online...If you don't provide easy access, you're not going to get members.

David HamdorfVice President, San Clemente Golf Club

350+ SCGA club officials use SCGA technology