Doctor’s Orders! with Coach Jentry

By: Jentry Barton - Mar 03, 2020

Madison came to me with a problem concerning lower back pain after playing 18 holes of golf. She said she would start to notice it towards the end of her round, and into the next day, she was very sore. This issue is very common, so I was able to prescribe a few basic remedies for the her:

1. First, we discussed the importance of a proper warm-up before teeing off. Madison began to implement more than just a couple stretches with her club, and incorporated a dynamic warm-up alongside some activation of key muscles with the use of a resistance band. By activating the muscles she needed for a strong swing, it set the tone for her round in the usage of those muscles throughout her round. As she did exercises as simple as walking lunges with a rotation, she was able to get a stretch, as well as activate her muscles all at the same time!

2. Next, we played together, so that I could watching her swing on the course, and look for possible limitations. It was easy to see that by the 10th hole or so, she stopped using her lower body as much in her swing. Without the use of her legs, her back was forced to compensate, and do more of the turning and loading that our lower body normally helps us with. This compensation, mixed with an improper warm-up was setting her up for back pain for sure!

3. Lastly, we implemented a solid post-round active recovery routine. In this system, she was able to implement some foam rolling, dynamic stretching, and active mobility movements to allow her muscles to relax and recover stronger for her next round. The idea was not to "Band-Aid" the problem with pain killers, but allow the muscles to learn how to become stronger approaching each round. This routine also included complete hydration, and nutrient packed foods that would help her body recover quicker. Specifically, she made sure to drink at least half her body weight in ounces of water. She ate a meal that was full of lean protein and leafy greens. On the course, she carried mixed nuts and dried fruit to help her feel energized.

After just a few weeks of applying these solutions, Madison saw dramatic improvement in her back pain. She also noticed that she had more energy overall outside of the golf course as well! Making health changes can be daunting, but the smallest steps to improvement often yield huge results. This is because our bodies crave good things, so when we apply even the simplest of things, the results are amazing!

Based out of Mission Viejo, Jentry is also known as "Coach X" in the social media world. She believes that health and strength are the “X-factor” to longevity and enjoyment in golf. She is also the National Director for Nike Golf Camps, and constantly looking for ways to grow the game. Learn more about Jentry's work at Want to be featured next? Email Madison!

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