Amateur Net Championship

April 3 - 4, 2023, The Golf Club at Terra Lago

This Championship is open to every SCGA member! Also known as “The People’s Championship,” The SCGA Amateur Net Championship represents an opportunity for every member to compete in a championship administered by the SCGA. Players must qualify for the championship, which is divided into flights based on Handicap Index.

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4 Champions, 2 Heroes at 2023 SCGA Am-Net

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ATTENTION: There were some real-life heroics at this year’s Amateur Net Championship. To read more about how an SCGA member and an SCGA employee saved a life during the championship, click here.

If you’re reading this, you belong in the SCGA Amateur Net Championship. Why? Because quite literally everyone does. If you’re an SCGA member, that means you have a Handicap Index number. And if you have a Handicap Index number, then the SCGA has a flight for you in the Am Net. Remember, this event is affectionately and accurately referred to as “The People’s Championship.” It’s for every golfer of every skill level. We hope to see you at a qualifying event in 2024.

The 2023 SCGA Amateur Net was played at the GC at Terra Lago over two days. The Coachella Valley showed its teeth during Monday’s opening round with winds blowing up to 30mph. But the 156 players who qualified from over 1,000 entrants hung tough and were treated to much milder conditions on Tuesday.

The field is divided into four flights based on Handicap Index numbers. The lowest handicap in the championship was +2.8 and the highest was 38.5.

Arroyo Flight

Shad McFadden won the Arroyo Flight after sleeping on a share of the overnight lead. He fired a net-74 and a net-73 to clear the field by one stroke.

Mission Flight

Matt Hodgen won the Mission Flight and finished as the only player in the entire field to post a total net score under par. He took a five-shot lead into the final round and didn’t give up a single stroke to his chasers, finishing as the champion by the extra same margin.

Pacific Flight

Thomas Abrego won the Pacific Flight and did so after earning a spot in Tuesday’s final group. He finished tied for the lead but was declared the champion per the USGA’s-suggested method of matching scorecards on holes 10 through 18.

San Andreas Flight

Jason Bader won the San Andreas Flight after starting the final round in the penultimate group and four shots off the lead. His net-70 on Tuesday was nine strokes better than his previous day’s efforts and he cleared the field by three shots to claim the championship.

Past Winners

Year Winner Site
2023 Shad McFadden (Arroyo)/Matt Hodgen (Mission)/Thomas Abrego (Pacific) /Jason Bader (San Andreas) The GC at Terra Lago
2022 Jeff Pieri (Arroyo) / Matthew Benson (Mission) / Frank Manzano (Pacific) / Clint Yount (San Andreas)
Soboba Springs GC

Logan Miyamoto (Arroyo); Mike Hill (Mission); Kerry Collins (Pacific); Michael Zastoupil (San Andreas)

Omni La Costa Resort & Spa (Legends)
2020 Elliot Yoo (Arroyo); Ferdinand Ison (Mission); Bobby Bhakta (Pacific); Eric Burgett (San Andreas)
Los Serranos GC
2019 Mike Chiovare (Arroyo); Raymond Chang (Mission); Henry Alipusan (Pacific); Frank Anderson (San Andreas)
Industry Hills GC
2018 Brian Fortier (Arroyo); Tina Schmid (Mission); Bhupendra Bhakta (Pacific); James Marshall (San Andreas)
Industry Hills GC
2017 Kyle Fraser (Bobby Jones); Carmelo Valdivia (Jack Nicklaus); Dennis Campbell (Arnold Palmer); Donovan Koah (Ben Hogan) Industry Hills GC
2016 Jeffrey Brown (Bobby Jones); Derek Holland (Jack Nicklaus); Angelo Cofino (Arnold Palmer); Ajay Anand (Ben Hogan)
Industry Hills GC
2015 J.P. Iriart (Bobby Jones); Curtis Lew (Jack Nicklaus); Angelo Cofino (Arnold Palmer); Mike Haley (Ben Hogan) Industry Hills GC
2014 Carlos Hernandez (Bobby Jones); Bob Osborn, Jr. (Jack Nicklaus); James Kim (Arnold Palmer); Keith O'Donnell (Ben Hogan)
Industry Hills GC
2013 Chris Chen (Bobby Jones); Jimmy Tatum (Jack Nicklaus); Curtis Woolley (Arnold Palmer); Don Slayton (Ben Hogan) The Alisal
2012 William Davison (Bobby Jones); Teddy Collins (Arnold Palmer); Clifton Tucker (Ben Hogan); Joel Keily (Jack Nicklaus) Industry Hills GC
2011 Arturo Chavez (Bobby Jones); Christopher Nayve (Arnold Palmer); Ron Wrobel (Ben Hogan); Rick Cook (Jack Nicklaus) Industry Hills GC
2010 Stephen Glass (Bobby Jones); Mark Duvernay (Arnold Palmer); Fred Tooze (Ben Hogan); Mike Banducci (Jack Nicklaus) Industry Hills GC
2009 Carlos Hernandez (Bobby Jones); Ted Collins (Arnold Palmer);
Michael August (Ben Hogan); Dave Keays (Jack Nicklaus)
Industry Hills GC
2008 Michael Sheehan (President); Yu-Nin Shang (VP)
Richard Trejo (Secretary); David Heil (Treasurer)
Industry Hills GC
2007 Jeffrey Dotti (President); Rolando Ventura (Secretary)
Mark Hamilton (VP); Chris Sheppard (Treasurer)
Sycuan Resort
2006 Mike Chiovare (President); Bret McKay (VP)
Steve Tandberg (Secretary); DJ Kavanagh (Treasurer)
PGA of So. Calif. GC
2005 Randy Cumming (President); Raymond Natividad (VP)
Ankur Patel (Secretary); Marianus von Korff (Treasurer)
Steele Canyon GC
2004 Tom Roa (President); Earl Stallard (VP)
Gregory Palmer (Secretary); Todd Gross, Jeffrey Palmer (Treasurer) Landmark Golf Club
Oak Quarry GC
2003 Tom Roberson (President);
Angelo Cofino, Joe Kauanui (VP)
Robert Sperry (Secretary); Henry Yu (Treasurer)
Indian Wells Golf Resort
2002 David Greatbanks (President); Michael Reen (VP)
Ray Salberg (Secretary); Jim Bass (Treasurer)
Cypress Ridge GC
2001 Justin Dunham, Bakersfield (President); Mike Lopata (VP)
Broc Glover (Secretary); Joseph Shea (Treasurer)
Desert Princess CC
2000 Richard Beale (President); Joe Gaynor (VP)
John Petchel, Forbes Grimstad, John Evans (Secretary);
James Haffner (Treasurer)
Rams Hill CC
1999 Tom Sullivan/George Matakovich (President);
Albert Lopez (VP)
Red Hill CC
1998 Jon Tisdale (President); Rodney Walker (VP)
Randy Orton (Secretary); Douglas Joyce (Treasurer)
Indian Wells Golf Resort
1997 Gregory Hart/Gabriel Armendariz (President);
Gregory Ullery/Don Barneson (VP)
Dave Hellman (Secretary); Clyde Ahrens (Treasurer)
Bakersfield CC
1996 Harry Schneider (President); Scott Gruber (VP)
James Barber (Secretary); Jimmy Kight (Treasurer)
Desert Princess CC
1995 Dean Yoshiyama (President); Al Clement (VP)
Robert Ross (Secretary); Jim Parke (Treasurer)
Palm Valley CC
1994 Larry Stulac (President); Terry Wright (VP)
James Allen (Secretary); Dale Hanson (Treasurer)
Menifee Lakes CC
1993 Tom Pringle (President); Lance Takata (VP)
Daniel Douglas (Secretary); Don Barnes (Treasurer)
River Course at The Alisal
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