How do I establish a Handicap Index?

Step 1: Have your GHIN # handy. Forgot your GHIN #? Click Here

Step 2: Post five 18-hole rounds or ten 9-hole rounds.

Step 3: On the 1st and 15th of the month, you receive your updated Handicap Index by email (calculated from your posted scores). I’m not receiving my updated Index. HELP!

Posting Scores

3 Easy Ways to Post Scores:

1. Posting on

Post quickly and easily at Score posting is also available on the homepage.

2. Posting on the USGA's GHIN App

The GHIN app is a fast, easy and effective way to post your ESC scores. What’s ESC?

Get it on Google Play

3. Posting on the local course computer

Nearly all SoCal courses have a computer that SCGA members can use to post scores after your round. Use the touch screen monitor and follow the prompts to post your ESC score.

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