Best Practices

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Competing from Different Sets of Tees

When golfers compete and play from different tees, the golfer playing from the tees with the higher Course Rating will receive extra strokes. To determine the number of extra strokes, round off the difference between the two Course Ratings and add that difference to the Course Handicap of the golfer playing from the higher rated tees.

Example: Player A plays from the back tees, with the Course Rating of 73.9. Player B plays from the middle tees, with the Course Rating of 72.1. Player A receives two more strokes (73.9 - 72.1 = 1.8) added to Player A’s Course Handicap. A decimal of .5 or more is rounded to the next higher number.

Men and Women Competing

The same standards apply. Check the Women’s Course Rating for the set of tees she will play from. Compare it to the Men’s Course Rating for the set of tees he will play from. If, for example, the Women’s Course Rating is 73.5 from the forward tees, and the Men’s Course Rating is 70.5 from the middle tees, she will receive an extra three strokes (73.5 - 70.5 = 3) added to her Course Handicap.

Extra Strokes Are Added to the Player’s Course Handicap

If the format calls for a percentage of the player’s Course Handicap, adjust the handicap first, then add the extra strokes.

Note: In all cases additional strokes received under this procedure are to be disregarded when applying Equitable Stroke Control for handicap purposes.