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SCGA's Governmental Affairs Department is responsible for ensuring that golf is represented at all levels of government. SCGA worked tirelessly to position golf alongside parks, beaches, walking/hiking trails, ball fields and playgrounds as an activity particularly amenable to the social distancing and common touch point controls embedded in all versions of state and county health orders. The effort proved fruitful as golf was literally the first activity restored to the lives of Southern Californians. SCGA will continue to remain vigilant as we deal with a pandemic that is not yet over. The latest update is below. An archive of previous updates can be found here.


Tuesday, June 15, 2021

We underestimated Los Angeles County Public Health. Most of that county’s separate protocols, including the Golf Appendix, were retired last night. The sun did come up today sans the Golf Appendix we’ve been pressing LA County to eliminate for some time. That “time” has now come.

Here’s the link to LA County’s updated Health Officer Orders page:

  • You will see that LACDPH has posted a new, simpler LA County Health Officer Order:

  • It includes just 4 Appendices that cover Day Camps, Overnight Camps, and Schools (2), which in certain narrow cases involving junior golf programs/classes do affect golf courses.

    Though now officially retired, the Golf Appendix is still available for downloading, because LA County Public Health plans to rewrite much of it as a “Best Practices/Guidance” document – a set of recommendations as opposed to mandates as to how best keep patrons and employees safe while COVID enters its coda; at least, we hope it’s entering its coda. That remains to be seen, but all indicators are good on that count.

    Los Angeles County joins the rest of the state’s 58 counties in aligning 100% with the state. However, what that means in precise terms is not yet entirely clear. The following three (3) state documents are controlling:

  • State Health Officer Order -
  • Masking requirement -
  • Requirements for megaevents -
  • No doubt the state will soon issue more details.

    Moreover, all workers (including office workers) will be governed by a separate set of requirements, to be issued by Cal/OSHA. The Cal/OSHA Board will meet this week on June 17 to consider and very likely pass these requirements:

  • And when Cal/OSHA passes them, Governor Newsom has already announced he will issue an Executive Order implementing them on an emergency basis; otherwise, under California law they couldn’t take effect until June 28.

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