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Local Pro: Angela “Buzz” Buzminski

By: Jill Painter Lopez - Nov 15, 2018

With Angela Buzminski of Woodland Hills CC, you get so much more than just a golf lesson. The 47-year-old assistant pro is a former LPGA and Futures Tour player and hockey player. She’s made so many friends through golf, which include country star Luke Bryan. He even calls her by…

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Get to Know Nikki Gatch

By: Jill Painter Lopez - Feb 17, 2022

…into a blossoming career. Jill Painter Lopez chatted with Gatch recently, discussing her career journey and future plans for the Association. Q: When you look back in one year after your term is done, what do you hope to have accomplished? A: Selfishly, I would hope the Association is in…

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Grateful For Golf

By: Jill Painter Lopez - Nov 12, 2019

Thanksgiving is a perfect time to reflect on all the things we’re grateful for, including this amazing sport. I’m grateful for golf. Let me count the ways… I’m grateful golf has given me another circle of friends and colleagues. My start in golf didn’t come growing up in Colorado. I…

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How Aliea Clark Balances the Ultimate Student-Athlete Challenge

By: Jill Painter Lopez - Jul 18, 2022

Aliea Clark will play in the SCGA Women’s Amateur Championship in August at San Diego CC, her first golf tournament of the summer. Clark, who is from Carlsbad, ironically has never played there, so she’s thrilled. It’s also a significant event to her because she still uses the towel she…

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Justin Rose Starts Ladies’ Tour

By: Jill Painter Lopez - Jul 09, 2020

British female golfers are receiving a grand opportunity to play competitive golf during the COVID-19 pandemic, and they have Justin Rose and his wife, Kate, to thank for it. The Rose family is providing women with an arena to compete, and it could mean more opportunities for female golfers around…

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Megan Watanabe on Securing 2026 U.S. Women’s Open Bid

By: Jill Painter Lopez - Mar 14, 2022

Megan Watanabe is breaking many barriers in the golf world, and she’s just getting started. Watanabe is president of The Riviera CC and she’s putting the prestigious golf course on the map in a major way. She’s worked at Riviera for 11 years and recently landed the bid to host…

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Mother’s Day: Cherish Every Moment

By: Jill Painter Lopez - May 06, 2020

I had the best mom on the planet. My mom, Loretta, was funny and witty and generous and loving. She was a fan of whatever I did. We were a huge sports family of football fans and basketball players and runners and such, but golf wasn’t one of those sports…

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Opinion: Equal Pay, It’s The Right Thing To Do

By: Jill Painter Lopez - Oct 22, 2018

Women golfers are being slow-played in compensation. Male and female golfers aren’t paid equally, noteven close, a practice that used to be par for the course in sports and so many industries. But the times they are a-changing, and it’s time golf joined other sports’ governing bodies and leagues by…

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How Tasha Bohlig “Loves” The Game

By: JIll Painter-Lopez - Feb 03, 2020

Tasha Bohlig is an award-winning golf instructor, and a big reason for her success in connecting with students goes way beyond the golf swing. She’ll start with a conversation, then goals before checking out your swing. “Really, the goal, I think, is for everyone is to try to fill three…

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