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Why I Play: Alex Andersen

By: Alex Andersen - Apr 14, 2021

…from Babes Golf creator, Alex Andersen. I grew up in a small town on a farm… yep, pigs and all… which explains my driver cover if you’ve seen it. Growing up I played softball and excelled at fast pitch for the Hollister Heat. And no, not the clothing brand, the…

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Babes Golf x Tropicana Golf Toys for Tots Fundrasier

By: Alex Andersen - Jan 18, 2022

We teamed up with Tropicana Golf Club in December 2021 to bring together the clubs for a good cause - Toys for Tots. This was an epic collaboration between two clubs who love to have fun! Jimmy, who runs the Tropicana Golf Club, was incredible to work with. Tropicana sold…

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5 Reasons You Should Get Fitted for Golf Clubs

By: Alex Andersen - Jul 18, 2022

Club fitting might seem like an extra investment that you don’t need, but what I’ve discovered is that if I had gotten fitted early on in my golf journey, I would have spent less money in the long run. Prior to getting fitted, I bought a used set of Callaway…

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Club Spotlight: Babes Golf

By: Alex Andersen & Megan Tarver - Feb 16, 2021

The sun high and bright and warm on my face, not a cloud in the sky as I walk onto the putting green. I’m a mix of nerves and excitement. The SCGA is going to be here to catch moments of the day and I can’t describe the anticipation of…

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SCGA Member Clubs Partner with SCGA Junior

By: Leslie Hughes - Mar 14, 2022

…Babes Golf club founder, Alex Andersen. Babes Golf worked hard to ensure that all players felt welcome by sharing their passion for the game and involving all the girls, regardless of skill level. “Golf is a lifelong sport,” said Le. “Being able to make this sport fun and inclusive to…

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