Top 5 Golf Trends For Spring

By: Leslie Hughes - Mar 17, 2021

With the growth in the number of women hitting the golf course, there has been a growth in women’s golf attire. What once was a place for uncomfortable and uptight clothing has now become a place that women can show some of their personality and fashion sense. And many of these pieces are more functional than you’d think. They can easily transition from the greens to sporty everyday wear, which is a trend you’ll want to hop on thanks to the comfort level.

Here are a few of our favorite golf pieces that will give you the flexibility you need on and off the course.


Love wearing dresses but not sure what to do when it comes time to play a round? With this skort, you get the best of both worlds. This skirt has built-in shorts that allow you to feel fashionable while keeping you comfortable. It comes in a few different color options, as well as lengths so you can choose what feels best for you. The LightSpeed fabric is lightweight and breathable and can be dressed up when you want to. It also features a built-in phone pocket to keep your cell safe while playing.

$68. Buy it here.


A shrug is a piece that doesn’t get the attention it deserves when it comes to golf. It provides a bit of warmth on a cold day out on the links but isn’t so bulky that it restricts your swing. But most importantly, it protects from the sun while still being fashionable. Fashion and function. In fact, this shrug will shield 98% of harmful UV rays, so you can rest easy when it comes to sun damage while golfing. Rock this on the course to keep you safe, or off the course to make a statement.

$59. Buy it here.


We look for any excuse to wear a polo dress. So, when we find a fashionable one that also doubles as the perfect outfit for a round, we can’t help but spread the news. This dress from Tory Sport has a striking pattern that will catch the eye, and flatter the wearer. The fit and fabric of this dress are meant to look great, but also be functional. The mix of cotton and COOLMAX fibers ensure that it stays soft and it can wick away any moisture that may come your way.

$99. Buy it here.


If you’re looking for a pair of pants for golf that will make you feel like a goddess out on the green, we recommend these GFORE pants. Moto-inspired, these pants are made with an elastane-rich Ponte fabric that hugs all the right places and still allows you plenty of stretch to swing with. You can opt for a smaller size for a tighter fit, or you can size up for something a bit looser. Either way, you’ll find yourself wearing these on and off the course.

$145. Buy them here.


Want golf shoes that will keep you comfortable but also give you some fashion points? This pair from Adidas does just the trick. They have a more casual look that can either be matched with a casual golf outfit or stepped up with something a bit nicer on top. They work great for off-course wear as well, since they are free of spikes. We love that the shoes are made with recycled goods, too.

$90. Buy them here.

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